Who can join CFCA? I should get in shape BEFORE I join CrossFit right?

No- that’s our job! Anybody can join our crew. CrossFit Cape Ann is made up of men and women of every skill level, fitness level, injury status, shape/size, and age. Workouts are scaled to be challenging at YOUR current ability… you just need to come in with the desire to give it your best effort every time you walk through the door.

Our daily programming follows this general layout-

Mon-Wed-Fri classes are higher intensity workouts with elements of strength/ skill building where more technical movements may be utilized.

Tue-Thur-Sat classes are longer in workout duration and lower in intensity with an emphasis on endurance & building a fitness base. These classes are ideal for those that are new to crossfit, those with weight loss goals or those returning to exercise from a long hiatus.

Is CrossFit safe?

We think of Crossfit as pretty much recess for adults and with that comes some risk of injury (as with everything in life)… but the rewards from the way we train far exceed any other exercise program out there. Our coaches are always watching ready to give feedback on technique and mechanics. Scaling/Modifications allow us to take any workout and make it fit your capacity for work and intensity with minimal risk for injury.

I heard Crossfit workouts are intense. What exactly does that mean?

Intensity has absolutely nothing to do with your age, shape, size, fitness level or injury status and everything to do with your state of mind. Some come into CrossFit with very little experience with high intensity exercise, while others come in as former athletes whose bodies are accustomed to the CrossFit stimulus or something similar.  Nevertheless, all workouts are manageable and can be accomplished when scaled for the appropriate level. We only ask you challenge your current fitness level when you come to class.

How much does it cost?

Considering what you will get out of it, not much. Check out some of our member’s testimonials HERE. Some incredible progress eh?! Crossfit will not only improve your physique, it will also change you on the inside. The confidence you will gain will give you freedom in so many other aspects of your life. Things you always chalked up to being impossible, just became possible. Click HERE for more specifics on our rates.

What’s so special about CrossFit Cape Ann?
Community! Our gym is honestly more of a clubhouse. At CFCA we have an amazing crew of members… you won’t find a more humble, supportive, and generally well-natured community on Cape Ann. With that community comes the benefit of accountability, and on top of that our classes are a lot of fun.

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