Core Beliefs


Our ideas on exercise have evolved over the years. This is what we  believe works best for overall fitness, health & longevity.

Consistency is Key
As Bruce Lee said “long term consistency trumps short term intensity.” We encourage our members to be active everyday. Some days will be harder training days and others are easy recovery days like moderate hiking, biking or recovery based yoga.

Form First then Weight/Resistance then Speed
At CFCA, finishing the workout as fast as possible is always secondary to doing the movements safely. Focus on doing each exercise with perfect form before adding additional weight or increasing complexity.  No slop for speed!  

Intensity is Relative!
We encourage our members to monitor their intensity and NOT think about each class as as an all out effort or competition but as an opportunity to grow a greater fitness foundation. We all come from different genetics, athletic backgrounds, personalities, work ethics, competitiveness… etc. Experiment and find what works best for you and listen to the signals your body is sending you. Leave a little in the tank for the next session. 

Respect Recovery
If you beat yourself into the ground everyday you might feel accomplished at the time but you will eventually loose fitness and health through injury or burnout. Easy recovery days allow your body to recharge and get stronger.  There is no perfect prescription of hard days to easy days. Experiment with 1 day hard/ 1 day easy and be intuitive to how you are feeling on a daily basis. We have seen members get amazing results & performance gains with 2-3 training days a week mixed with some yoga or walking on the off days. More hard exercise is NOT always better. 

Nutrition is the Foundation
You can’t out exercise poor nutritional habits. Understanding and implementing proper quantity (caloric load) and quality (whole foods) are integral to making improvements in health and body composition. Think about your fitness/health from a whole life, big picture perspective… go beyond just showing up to the gym

Slow Down & simplify 
Don’t let a missed training day, bad night sleep, or a less than stellar nutrition choice stress you out. Things happen… it’s called life. Stop beating yourself up! Being constantly stressed leads to poor lifestyle choices and poor general health. Find ways to minimize life stress. Simplify, prioritize, take time off, unplug… etc. Easier said than done (we know!), but it is worth mentioning if you are truly interested in improving your overall health. 

Realistically Define Yourself
Who are you?  Where are you now with your health/fitness?  Where do you want to be?  How do you define success?….Increases in Strength? Conditioning? Body Composition Changes? Longevity? Durability/Injury Proof?  These are big questions to think about that will certainly guide the direction of your training. Honest self assessment here is critical.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!
Remember… it’s just exercise.