Our climbing facilities include:

  • 8ft wide x16 ft tall 40 degree wall aka the “steep” wall.
  • 9ft wide x 12ft tall 25 degree wall
  • 10ft wide x 12ft tall 5 degree wall
  • 3ft wide x 12ft tall “toddler” wall
  • Sloper Bachar Ladder
  • Hang Board, Gymnastic Rings & Fat Ropes
  • 30+taped boulder problems of varying difficulty
  • 25-50 move endurance routes
  • Lots of crash pads for safety
  • Slack lines (Tues Nights)

Current Open Climbing Hours
Early Bird MON-FRI 5:30AM-7:30AM
Evening MON-THURS 4:15PM – 7:30PM
SUNDAY 9AM – 10:30AM

Climbing Drop-in Fee
$10 per visit ($5 on Tuesday/Thursday Nights)

Monthly Climbing Membership
If you would like to climb/train more regularly,  we offer a climbing membership that allows access to the climbing section of the gym and use during our Open Climbing times listed above.  If you plan to climb more than 6x a month this is a great option. See our terms & conditions and sign up for a membership here, cost is $50/month. 

Tuesday/ Thursday Night Bouldering- A group of us regularly climb from 6:30-8:30PM on Tuesday nights and Thursday Nights from 5:30-7:30PM. If your interested in coming down to to check it out, learn the basics or train with us regularly…please do. Free for CFCA Members / $5 Drop-in for non members.

Kids Climbing Classes
We are run an afternoon kids climbing class in 4-6 week blocks. If you are interested in having a child get involved in our climbing program, please email us  for details.  
We are also be available to do 1-2 hr private sessions of up to 4-6 kids ($60 p/hr). If you have a group of kids that want to climb together please contact us for scheduling. 

Private Climbing Events/ Birthday Parties
We are willing to rent out our space for private events (birthday parties, team building etc.)  The cost starts at $200 for 2 hours and includes basic instruction and general safety protocol. Please email us for details and scheduling. 



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