Building Capability > Durability >  Longevity 

Our primary goal at CFCA is to develop capability, durability and most importantly longevity in our members. We have matured beyond the “GO Hard or GO Home” attitude that is prevalent in the fitness world today and have evolved over the years into what we’d consider more of a “lifestyle” crossfit affiliate.  In recent years mainstream Crossfit has morphed into a competition based sport and as a result the athletes have sacrificed durability and longevity for performance goals. The reality of what we do on a daily basis at CFCA is to put more focus on quality movement and less focus on quantity for time. We tend to prioritize exercises & training that we feel is sustainable long term AND has the best carryover to our member’s lives outside of the gym.  

Our Classes

Our classes are an hour in length. Some days may be more focused on strength & skill development while other days will be more cardiovascular based. The majority of the days will be a blend of the two. Emphasis for our new members is put on establishing safe movement patterns and building a strong fitness foundation before adding any intensity or high skill movements. Our daily posted workouts are generally divided into three options: Performance, General Fitness & Movement. 

Performance: This would our higher intensity option where more complex movements & heavier weights are being utilized (sometimes in a competitive setting). These workouts are ideal for members who are confident in their ability to handle the movements at the required weight with good form and who are motivated by that competitive environment.

Fitness: Generally a lower impact variation of the performance workout that focuses on  basic movements patterns, stricter form and the ability to easily tailor it toward each members current capacity and specific fitness goals.

If you’re interested in dropping in on a class or scheduling a time to come by and check it out, email us  Info@crossfitcapeann.com  Want to know more ? Check out our testimonials

Our Coaches

Coaches at CFCA are responsible for ensuring that your form is correct and that the exercise volume and load is adjusted to your current fitness level. Our coaches run every class as a teacher, a resource for questions, a motivator, a support system, and a safety supervisor. Sometimes we may give you a nudge if needed to push it little more and other times we may encourage you to slow down, all in all with the intention of supporting our primary goal of increasing our members capability, durability and longevity. Beyond that, coaches make themselves available to meet with our current members to discuss realistic goals, nutrition and to help them establish positive lifestyle practices that will optimize the training they do in the gym. To learn more about each Coach check out our profiles https://crossfitcapeann.com/staff/

Our Facility

Our facility includes 3600+ Sq/ft of workable floor space with every piece of equipment you would find at most crossfit gyms (barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, rowers) and few that you wouldn’t (sandbags, ropes, sleds, ski-ergs, climbing wall)  We also have showers for those that need to go straight to work after class. We take pride in making our space unique and pretty much try to make it feel like a second home to our members. 

Building Community

At CFCA, we have been blessed with an amazing diversity of members. In any given class you might find a high level collegiate athlete training right next to a grandmother who is really just here to move. All in all, you won’t find a more humble and generally well-natured community on Cape Ann. Beyond that we have a Facebook group strictly for CFCA members that we use to help with accountability, discuss training and nutrition topics and create social connections that go far beyond the gym walls. We have always made a point to keep CFCA a fun, engaging and above all a supportive and inclusive environment. Enough can’t be said about the power of a supportive community of active folks for making lasting lifestyle changes.

Beyond Our Walls

Lastly CFCA, we put an emphasis on getting our members outside and enjoying all that Cape Ann has to offer. On any given day you can go paddling, rowing, surfing, trail running, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, etc… what an incredible place we live in. We create opportunities for our members to enjoy this diverse environment through regular trail runs, mountain bike rides, paddles (SUP/Prone), climbing etc.