Our Classes

Our classes run an hour in length. Some classes may be more focused on strength/ skill development while others will be more cardiovascular based but the majority of the classes will be a blend of the two. The general idea behind the Crossfit program is to keep the exercises and sessions varied so the body will adapt to the broad range of demands that life can throw at you outside of the gym… Be it lifting or carrying something heavy, running fast, jumping, throwing, crawling, we make a point to mix it up from day to day which keeps it it fresh, fun and exciting for our members!

Our Philosophy

We have evolved over the years into what we’d consider more of a “lifestyle” crossfit affiliate. Our primary goal at CFCA is to develop capability, durability and most importantly longevity in our members. The reality of what we do on a daily basis at CFCA is to put more focus consistent quality movement and less focus on competition. Emphasis for our members is put on establishing safe movement patterns and building a strong fitness foundation before increasing intensity, weights or higher skill movements. Beyond that we tend to prioritize exercises that we feel are safe and sustainable long term and have the best carryover to the demands of our member’s lives outside of the gym. 


Our Community

At CFCA, we have been blessed with an amazing diversity of members.  All in all, you won’t find a more humble and generally well-natured community on Cape Ann. We have always made a point to keep CFCA a fun, engaging and above all a supportive and inclusive environment. Enough can’t be said about the power of a supportive community of active folks for making lasting lifestyle changes.