APRIL/MAY Mash-UP Member(s) of the Month

Welcome to the M.O.M club Sonja & Cathy!


Name: Sonja Merz

Occupation: International Sales Rep

Hometown: Rockport

How did you find out about Crossfit? About 4 years ago I reached out to Johnna Huntsman (b/c she looked so fit on Facebook!) and she encouraged me to try CFCA.

Favorite type of workout music: Loud music!

Favorite movement/exercise while stuck at home: TGU Situps.

How are you staying motivated? Having the classes on a regular schedule has been a lifesaver for me. The T/Th 8:00 classes are literally the only thing on my calendar these days. Having this routine is keeping me sane! But the other huge motivater is my daughter, Evelyn. She has joined me for all the workouts and we’re having a great time doing them together.

How have you been keeping busy? Tell us about your hobbies! Since quarantine I’ve been taking lots of walks in the woods and since I finally found flour a couple weeks ago, I’ve been baking like crazy!

What do you miss most about CFCA? The high fives! And 15lb weights (we only have 10s and 20s at home)

Favorite at-home CFCA memory: The photo is from Mother’s Day. My family had been thinking about how to celebrate during quarantine and they all decided to join me for the Sunday AM workout. It was the best way to start Mother’s Day!





Name: Cathy Col

Nickname: Cat

Occupation: software development product manager

Hometown: is this where I was born or where I live now? Hyannis for the first and Gloucester for the 2nd.

How did you find out about Crossfit? A work colleague took me to a CrossFit class when we were at a meeting in Raleigh, NC and when I got home, I looked up the closest one. I’d never been much of a gym person because I found it sort of boring, but the variety of workouts at CrossFit really appealed to me. That was just about 4 years ago and I continue to love it! I sure lucked out when I found you guys!

Favorite type of workout music: Honestly, I just usually tune the music out unless it happens to be something from my (long ago) youth!

Favorite movement/exercise while stuck at home: Kettlebells and core work.

How are you staying motivated? I have been getting up and exercising before work for over 30 years, so it’s an ingrained habit. If I don’t get some kind of workout, I get pretty cranky, so it’s a matter of sanity (and relationship) preservation :-) Plus, I have worked from home for years and am still working normal hours, so my morning routine hasn’t changed all that much, which probably helps me make it to those 6:30 Zoom workouts.
How have you been keeping busy? Tell us about your hobbies! Since I have much more spare time than I’m used to having, I have been making fabric masks to give to various groups. I am getting out to whatever parks and conservation areas that are open for long walks. I’m experimenting with making homemade breads and ice cream (yesterday’s was keto Cherry Garcia – yum)! Yard work and cleaning out and re-organizing the basement. Practicing chin-ups. Reading and doing jigsaw and crossword puzzles. Words with Friends. And…I’ve ordered a basketball backboard and hoop to install on the garage… so when the gym opens up, I hope to have a hook shot!

What do you miss most about CFCA? The people of course, and the variety of equipment to work out with! Zoom workouts are a great substitute option under the circumstances and I am so grateful you are doing these, but it’s not quite the same as having full range of equipment and having more peer pressure (in a good way) to challenge myself to lift more or do one more round. And getting out of the house would be nice. But what I probably miss the most are Friday basketball and breakfast at George’s with the 6:30 crew!

Favorite CFCA memory: So many great memories over the years, lots of them around achieving goals and seeing others reach them, that it’s hard to pick one! But I guess it’s making it to the top of the rope climb for the first time and the encouragement of the folks there when I did it!