Workouts for 1/13 – 1/19

James, 8 days into the 100,000m Challenge, has already surpassed the goal! To the rest of us…..LET’S GO!!! Plenty of time to catch up and surpass the goal ourselves!






Monday 1/13

2 Hang Power Cleans


Hang Power Clean 95/65#

Burpees over the Bar

*10MIN Cap*

Scaling Options:
Part 1: Modify the weight to ensure good form. Also option to use DB/KBs instead of barbell

Part 2: Move as quickly as you can through this while maintaining form integrity!



Tuesday 1/14

3 Rounds
1000m Row/Ski or 100 Cals AD
5 Rounds of “Heavy Cindy”
*3MIN Rest between Rounds

“Heavy Cindy”
3 Weighted Pull-Ups
6 DB Push-Ups (deficit)
9 DB Front Squats

Scaling Options:
3 BW Pull-Ups/Banded or Ring Rows
6 Standard Push-Ups/Banded Push-Ups
9 Air Squats



Wednesday 1/15


With a Partner
1000 M Ski/Row
90 Box Jumps/Step-ups
800M Ski/Row
80 DB Snatches
600M Ski/Row
60 Plate Sit-Ups
400M Ski/Row
40 Wall Balls
200M Ski/Row
1 Flat Loop Farmer Carry (of 2 big loops inside the gym)

NOTES: 1 Works/1Rests. Alternate efforts as you wish. Make weighted elements as challenging as possible.



Thursday 1/16

4 Rounds or 15 MINS
10-15 KB/DB Bench Press
1 Lap Heavy Seated Rope Pulls
*Rest 1MIN between Rounds


10 KB Suitcase Deadlifts (Heavy for you)
1 lap DB Bearcrawl
200m Run/Row/Ski
*Rest 2MIN between Rounds




Friday 1/17


Every 5 MINS for 25 MINS
400M Run/Row/Ski
5 Burpee Pull-Ups
10 KB Swings (70/53#)
30 DUs (or 60 SUs)

Whatever time is left in the 5 MINS is yours for rest. Move as quick as you can to maximize your rest time!


Core Work – Coaches Choice

Saturday 1/18


9AM Community Team Workout – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The more the merrier! $10 for all non-members.


Sunday 1/19


3 Rounds or 400/300 Total Calories
2 Mins AD
2 Mins Rest
2 Mins Ski
2 Mins Rest
2 Mins Row
2 Mins Rest


Core Circuit – Coaches Choice

NOTES: CV Intervals. 2 Mins on 2 Mins off. The objective is to hit 400/300 Cals over the 18 Mins of actual working time. Keep track of the cals you get for each for period and have a running tally. If you hit 400/300 before the end of the 3 rounds you are don