GOALS…..and some real talk.

The GOAL board is wiped clean and ready for some new S.M.A.R.T. goals!


As we hustle through the Holiday season, near the closing of 2019, and start thinking forward about how we plan to take on 2020, take a minute to be really present. Sit just in the moment, right now and just be. It can be so hard to do, right?

We really are BUSY people, aren’t we? The world these days expects us to be all the things, all at once.  Do you ever look at others and are envious of how they can juggle so many things at one time? You may start to feel that you aren’t doing enough, then it leads to you feeling bad about yourself, and the dark hole widens. When we’re rushing around to do ALL THE THINGS, we miss out on stuff, even miss out on taking really good care of ourselves.

It’s ok to slow down and say “no” to things that aren’t working for you. We don’t have to do it all.  Take inventory on what’s most important, and ensure there is room for self-care in that inventory.  Anything that isn’t serving you, holding you back or stealing your energy, let that S*#% go. We often do so much for others (work, family, friends) that we often sacrifice our own well being. It’s wonderful to help others, and give back, but if it’s starting to take a toll on you, it’s time to reframe things.

Think about how the flight attendants go over the safety rules on the plane before takeoff. They tell you that should there be pressure changes (could be a symbolism for life) and the oxygen masks drop down, you should assist yourself before assisting others. Think about that for a minute, or two, or three………weird concept, right? One most of you aren’t accustomed to, me included. I’m ready to start taking back some of the stuff I keep giving away, and give some of it back to me!

If you can do one thing in the New Year, put yourself first a little more. Make that time, that effort you give to everything and everyone else in your life, for YOU. You are worth it.

If you need a little help making that leap – start by thinking about making a S.M.A.R.T Goal.

Specific – clear / defined goal

Measurable – easy to determine if the goal can be accomplished

Attainable – a reasonable goal you can accomplish

Relevant – the goal should align with other goals or areas you’re looking ahead to.

Time Based – link that goal to a time-frame. (i.e. in a month, day, year)

A goal can be a ITG (inside the gym) goal (300# deadlift, a pull-up, etc.) or OTG (out of the gym) goal (adding more greens into your diet, adding 5 hours a week that are just for YOU, going hiking, etc.). Just making the goal itself is a step towards making positive changes. Let’s do this!