Workouts for 8/5 – 8/11

CFCA athletes gearing up for a Hill Loop.


SPORT NIGHT this Thursday 8/8 so there will be NO 5:30PM or Grinder. We’re going to play tennis on the Boulevard at 6PM! If you have some extra racquets and tennis balls, please bring them along!



Monday 8/5

Capacity Work:

2MIN max Muscle Ups > Pull-ups (Kipping/Strict (bands ok)) > Ring Rows
*2MINS Rest

2MIN max Handstand Push Ups > Dips > Push-Ups (bands ok)
*2MINS Rest

2MIN max Toes to Bar


Option 1:
3 Rounds
400M Run
21 American Swings 53/35#
12 Pull-ups (kipping)

Option 2:
“Heavy Helen”
3 Rounds
400M Run
21 Russian Swings 70/53#
12 Strict Pull-ups

MOD Suggestions:
Pull Ups: Bands, Jumping Pull-Ups, Ring Rows
Swings: Modify weight
Run: 200M


2-4 Rounds NFT
30 Standard Sit-Ups
30-60 Second Ring Plank

Part 1: Working to accumulate as many reps of the outlined movement in each 2 minutes of work.
Part 2: Benchmark!
Part 3: Cooldown with some core work


Tuesday 8/6


50/20 Racked Lunges & Chin ups

You will spend 20 Mins working up to 50 reps of each exercise. Use a weight that is challenging for 5 reps per leg. You will match the lunge reps with chin-up reps. Meaning if you do 5 Lunges (R/L) you have to do 5 chin-ups before moving on. Chin-ups can be weighted also. If you get over 50 Reps before the 20 minutes, you will add weight for the next time this workout comes around. Attention should be paid to getting 50 Perfect Reps not 50 as fast as possible.

Can use Double KBs or DB’s. Barbells are also an option. If using a barbell, it must be safely put down after each set (as others will be working with DB/KBs). The Lunges are to be down in place (not walking)


Teams of 3-4
10 min ski relay with ascending pulls starting @ 5.




Wednesday 8/7


Rowing Technique using the Pick Drill (1 min @ each segment):

  • Arms Only (in lean back – legs fully extended)
  • Add in Hip Hinge
  • Half slide
  • Full slide


Every Other Minute for 6 Minutes
Rowing for Calories/Power output
*if big class, alternate every other min*


5 Rounds
In 4 Minutes complete:
200m Run
20 Wallballs
Then AMRAP Calories on the Rower or Ski Erg
*Rest 1 Minute between each round



Thursday 8/8

(NO 5:30PM or GRINDER due to SPORT NIGHT (see details above and on FB)


Hill Loop or 1,000 Meter Row/Ski
3 Rounds
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Push Jerks (135/95)
Hill Loop or 1,000 Meter Row/Ski


Core Circuit – Coaches Choice

Modify weight as you need to ensure that your form is top priority due to the volume. DB/KB’s are a great alternative to the barbell.




Friday 8/9


Teams of 2 – 1 Works/ 1 Rests
Single Side DB/KB Hang Cleans
Single Side DB/KB Front Squats
Single Side DB/KB Shoulder to OH
Deadhang Pull-ups 1/2 Reps (25-20-15-10-5)

*30 min cap*


10 Minutes with same partner:
Shuttle Sprints. Alternate every :30 seconds.



Saturday 8/10


9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $10 for all non members.
Coaches Choice




Sunday 8/11


200M Run
15 Burpees
15/12 Calorie Bike
50 Double Unders

Every 5 Minutes complete the work. Whatever time you have left in that 5 minutes is yours for rest.