Workouts for 6/3 – 6/9

Debbie and Nicole getting their first rope climbs yesterday during the partner chipper!





Monday 6/3

Teams of 3 (1 works / 1 paces / 1 rests)
Cals Row/Ski/AD
KB Swings
*200m run = pacer

Stretch and Rollout


Tuesday 6/4

“Sneaky Hard”

AMRAP 3 x 5
*1MIN rest between rounds

3 Deadlift (225/155#)
6 Push Ups
9 DB Step-Ups


200 Sit-ups with a Partner
Pacer 1 Lap DB Bearcrawl



Wednesday 6/5

30 Minute Ladder (1, 2, 3, 4, 5……..)
Heavy KB Headcutters
Burpee Pull-Ups
Row or Ski x 50m

Banded stretches off the rig




Thursday 6/6

4 Rounds
1000/800m row
100 DUs


Pull-Up/Muscle-Up Ladder (10MIN Cap)
1 PU/MU Rest :10 seconds
2 PU/MU Rest: 20 seconds
3 PU/MU Rest: 30 seconds
4 PU/MU Rest: 40 seconds
5 PU/MU Rest: 50 seconds
6 PU/MU Rest: 1 minute
(7, 8 ……)

Part 1. Long and paced.  Stay focused on maintaining a consistent pace. Rounds 1 and 4 should look exactly the same. If you are still working on your double unders, go for it. You will be capped at 2 minutes to work on them after the row.

Part 2: With a continuously running clock match the number of Pull-Ups/Muscle-Ups with that same number of seconds of rest.… continuing as long as you are able or until the 10 minutes is up.

*If using bands think about doing this WOD in reverse and just using the minutes as the intervals….with good form (pulling from lats and NOT using hips) do as many as you can in the first attempt (maybe max of 5-10), then drop the band down and do 1 less the next attempt and so on…..maybe you will be able to do 1 without a band! It’s worth trying!



Friday 6/7

20MINs to Complete
50 Strict Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups
*Every 2 minutes do 6 reps of a “Press” movement from the list below:
*DB/KB Bench Press (Box or Glute Bridge (from floor)
*Push-ups (ADV: Handstand Push-ups)
*Ring/Bar Dips


Big Boy Hell Track Alternate Efforts w/ Partner

100M Run


Saturday 6/8


9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $10 for all non members 1/2 of which is donated locally.
Coaches Choice



Sunday 6/9


5k objective
*every 1k in meters 3min AMRAP of the following:

5 KB Deadlifts
5 KB Swings
5 Push ups

This is a great for an active recovery WOD!