June Member of the Month


Name: Jordana Pickup

Nickname: Jo

Occupation outside of being a CrossFit champ: 8th Grade Math Teacher

Hometown: Sanford, ME

Favorite workout: I love the chipper style workouts.

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Favorite WOD music: Any music is good music as far as I am concerned.

Which class do you usually attend? Team, Ladies Night, 4:30pm

How did you find out about CrossFit? I looked it up online, and drove to the parking lot twice before actually stepping foot inside! :)

Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? I did track, Cross Country, Rugby and am a 5th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo. Never smoked a butt in my life, pretty proud of that accomplishment!

How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym? I feel so much more confident and has made me a whole new group of friends (family really) hat I never would have imagined having.

What and/or who motivates/inspires you? My mom she is such a strong and confident women and I look up to her everyday. Also all of the amazing women of CFCA who have totally taken me under their wing and have shown me what strong, healthy relationships with other women are supposed to be!

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through CrossFit? I would love to be able to bounce back from my pregnancy and get back to the gym ASAP.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? Home brewing beer with my husband, Running, Hanging out with my dog, and spending time with my family.

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA? The community and friendships I have gained!

CFCA favorite memory? Doing the Spartan race with so many amazing CFCA’rs

Any tips for the new members? Try everything! And don’t be afraid to walk in the door. Everyone at CFCA is just a wonderful group of weirdos!! :)