Workouts for 5/13 – 5/19

Simple and effective movements at Team this past Saturday.

Seems like folks are enjoying BINGO so far! Keep checking off those squares!


5/25: We will be running MURPH at Team (9AM) and will follow with a cookout! If you want to bring something great! Otherwise there will be some libations, burgers and dogs!

5/27: Memorial Day (9AM Class Only) We will be running MURPH again if you couldn’t make Saturday’s class.



Monday 5/13


5 Rounds 1 Min on / 1 Min off of the following:
• Shuttle Runs
• Slamballs
• Russian Swings
• Double/ Single Unders

Maximize work in work intervals and recover in the off minutes. Try and remain as consistent as you can with your numbers throughout the workout.
Cooldown: Stretch and Roll-out.



Tuesday 5/14


AMRAP3 x 4
*1min Rest Between Rounds

12 DB Hang Cleans
9 DB Front Squats
6 DB Shoulder to Overhead
With remaining time: Row/Ski/AD for cals


500m Row/Ski for time

Part 1: Pick DBs that are challenging but that you can do unbroken for the reps allotted.

Part 2: A Benchmark and a BINGO square. Get er’ done.


Wednesday 5/15


15 Mins for Quality
DB Bench Press 4 sets x 10 reps
Weighted Pull-Ups 4 sets x 5 reps
*Alternate movements each set


10Min of Ascending Calories with a Partner. Start at 10 calories and add 1 calorie every time you get on the machine.

• Airdyne
• Row

Part 1: Focus should always be on form, weight comes after. If at any time your form is compromised, dial down the weight. Modifications for the weighted Pull-Ups would just be BW Pull-Ups or banded is ok too!

Part2: Some math will be involved here!

5:30PM: Barbell Basics / Open Gym



Thursday 5/16


6 x :30 on/:30 off of one of the following
Ring Support
Ring Tuck Hold
Ring L Hold

KB Swings (70/503#)

Rest 3 mins

Sandbag Ground to OH

Part 1: Working on static holds. Pick a hold that challenges you but that you can get closest to the full :30 in the hold.

Part 2: Keep a brisk pace and get this done as soon as possible.




Friday 5/17


Basketball and some Squat Mobility

Teams of 2
20 Box Jumps
20 DB/KB Snatches
20 Single Arm DB/KB Overhead Squat > Single Arm DB/KB Front Squat

*400m must be done together (at the same time)
*Each athlete must complete 10 reps

Accessory Work:
Accumulate 25-50 banded face pulls (
Accumulate 25-50 pallof presses (R/L)
Accumulate 50 Banded Lat Pull downs (



Saturday 5/18


9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $10 for all non members 1/2 of which is donated locally.
Coaches Choice



Sunday 5/19

12 MINS with Partner
P1: Paces with 400m Run
P2: Max Calories on Row


10 Min
Max Renegade Man Makers (with squat)

Part 2: A Benchmark and a BINGO square. Get er’ done.