Workouts for 1/21 – 1/27

Hmmmmm……anyone see a familiar face among the smiles in this picture?

Gym Notes:

FYI: Jan 21st (MLK Day) is REGULAR Schedule!

RAFFLE: The raffle is still going on and the drawing will be pulled at the end of February! Some have asked for updated equipment! Equipment = cost. We don’t want to raise membership dues so we’re trying to raise money to go towards new equipment (i.e. upgraded sandbags, etc.) Raffle tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20. Lots of fun prizes to win by playing!:
– 1 month free unlimited membership
– $100 in CFCA gear
– $75 in CFCA Merch (SFH Protein, Bubs, BCBAs, coconut water)
– YOUR name on a kettlebell (the bell lives at the gym, but we’ll put your name on it and   it’s YOURS for any workout you attend)
– YOUR name on a sandbag (bag lives at the gym, but we’ll put your name on it and it’s YOURS for any workout you attend)

MOBILITY/SKILL: REMEMBER that we’re running a Mobility/Skill class (alongside of Open Gym) on Thursdays @5:30PM. DON’T MISS OUT on this opportunity to work on mobilizing tight areas of your body and/or working on a skill that you have a goal to obtain. We’re here to offer some extra work on the areas that trouble you or you want to just get that much better at. UTILIZE THIS CLASS FOLKS! Stay after the 4:30 class to cool down and stretch or come in early for the Grinder and get warmed-up!

ROWING CHALLENGE: We’re more than halfway through the 100k (75 & 50k) meter challenge!! You’ve got this! And this week is FULL of opportunities to get some more meters in!

COMMITTED CLUB: We know some of you covet the idea of being on the Committed club list each month! Here’s a little extra motivation for you: If you make it into the Committed Club for 11 consecutive months in 2019 you’ll get your very own kettlebell! While bells will live at the gym you can pick the weight and the color and it will have you name on it! You’ll also get a free t-shirt, because who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? All you have to do is attend 15 or more classes a month for 11 consecutive months. Get started today!

SCHEDULING UPDATES: Starting in February we will be changing the Friday class to 4:30PM. Hopefully this will help get you in and out and off to enjoy your big Friday Night Plans! We will also likely be adding Open Gym times after the Sunday 9AM class. It may be intermittent or it may stick through the winter months so keep an eye for additional updates when we get that all ironed out!

STRENGTH PROGRAM: We’re putting together a strength program for the winter months so look out for that in the coming weeks!

Monday 1/21

2 Rounds
1 Min Tire Flips
2 Min AD for Cals
3 Mins Rest
1 Min Sandbag Drag
2 Min Ski for Cals
3 Mins Rest
1 Min Slamballs
2 Min Row for Cals
3 Mins Rest

Keep the rounds consistent and efforts sustainable for the 3 min work periods. Modify elements as needed to maintain constant movement.

Cooldown – Group Yoga flow


Tuesday 1/22

8 Mins to Complete 1000M Row/Ski or 100 Cals AD
Max Sandbag Shoulder to Squat (alternate sides R/L) with Remaining Time
6 Mins to Complete 600M Row/Ski or 60 Cals AD
Max Sandbag Drags with Remaining time
4 Mins to Complete 400M Row/Ski or 40 Cals AD
Max Sandbag Ground to OH with Remaining time
2 Mins to Complete 200M Row/Ski or 20 Cals AD
Max Sandbag Offset Push-ups with Remaining time


Squat Mobility:
Deep Squat Stretch
Deep Squat with Thoracic Rotation
Cossack Squat

Kettlebell Class: 5:30PM



Wednesday 1/23

Option 1:
Even Mins for 20 Mins
2-3 Hang Power Snatches
2-3 Power Snatches
2-3 OH Squat
*Ascend in weight as you progress till it’s challenging but doable for the given reps

Option 2:
Even Mins for 20 Mins
2-3 single arm DB/KB cleans
2-3 single arm DB/KB snatches
2-3 Single Arm OH Squats
*Find a weight that you are comfortable with for all the movements and stay at the weight for the duration of the workout.


200m Run
5 Scotty Bobs (Push-up, Row (R), Row (L)
5 Reverse Lunges (R/L)

Cooldown – Banded floor stretches / Banded Frog stretch, etc.


Thursday 1/24

Teams of 3-4 / Objective: 6K Row in 30 Mins
P1: Pace with 5 Renegade Manmakers
P2: Hold (Wall-Sit, Ring Support Hold, Plank Hold, KB Rack Hold, etc. – you pick)
P3: Row
P4: Rest

RGMM’s Suggested Weight
Guys: 30-40+#
Ladies: 15-25+#

*If team of 3, no hold

Cooldown – Banded floor stretches

5:30PM: MOBILITY/SKILL with Coach Vince!


Friday 1/25

20 Mins for Quality – Pick 1 Pressing Movement from the list below
Strict Handstand Push-up (MOD ROM w/Abmat)
Strict Ring/Bar Dip
Barbell, Kettlebell or Dumbbell Strict Press

*Match each Pressing Movement with 1 Strict Pull-up or Chin-up (weighted optional) and 3 Heavy Russian Swings. If you did 5 Handstand Push-ups you would then do 5 Chin-ups and 15 Russian Swings. Keep working through the movements till 20 Mins is up.


5 Rounds – Air dyne, Ski or Row (players choice)
30 Seconds all out sprint
1 minute recovery pace

Cooldown: Banded Shoulder Stretches

Saturday 1/26

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice



Sunday 1/27

DB Hang Cleans (AHASAP)
Burpee Pull-Ups


2-3 Laps (Not for Time) Single Side Bottoms Up Rack Carry (alternate sides as needed)