Workouts 12/3 – 12/9

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Monday 12/3

Rope Climb Review

Rope Climbs > 3 Pull-ups > Rig Rope wrap work
10 Sit-Ups
*Rest 3 mins

3 Power Cleans
6 Box Jumps > Step Ups (ADV: KB/DB front rack step-ups)
*Rest 3 mins

Row 15/12
10 Push-Ups (ADV: Ring push-ups)

Option to use BBs/DBs/KBs or even SBs

Cooldown: Yoga Flow/stretch



Tuesday 12/4

2 Strict Press

2 Push Press

2 Push Jerk

*1 minute between rounds to add weight
*Strict Press should be challenging and adding weight for Push Press and Push Jerk
*Option to use KBs or DBs


3 Push Press @ 115/85
5 Front Squats
*3 burpees over the bar after very round

Cooldown: shoulder stretches off the rig



Wednesday 12/5

“Hang On” Ski, Row or Airdyne

Pick either a Skier, a Rower or an Airdyne. With a continuously running clock, each player starts the first minute (Minute 0) with an ALL OUT 20 second effort to establish starting # of Calories and rests the remaining 40 seconds of that minute. All odd minutes are rest. The next even minute you have to add 1 more calorie (no more than 1) to the starting number and repeat that on the even minutes until you cannot get the required cals in 60 seconds. When you fail to get the cals…your workout is over. Your score is the highest # of Cals you completed in 60 seconds. Initially you will have plenty of rest and social time…but as the Cals and your efforts increase the rest decreases….hence “Super Hang On”. Don’t dog the 20 second all out as it will only prolong your workout and likely give you a worse score. Airdynes are in the mix this time around and the benchmark board is completely empty! Good Luck.

Option 2:
5K Row or Ski


Core Circuit 30/30/30 x 6 mins (Teams of 3):
Leg throwdowns
Ring Plank ADV: Add alternating Arm Extensions
Rest = leg thrower



Thursday 12/6

Option to do solo or with a partner:
KB Headcutters (53/35)

*If doing with a partner alternate exercises (you go, I go style)


Accessory Work:

Accumulate 25-50 banded face pulls (
Accumulate 25-50 pallof presses (R/L)
Accumulate 50 Banded Lat Pull downs (



Friday 12/7

3 x 10 Deadlifts @ 70% of 1RM

AMRAP12 with partner
P1: Double KB Hold – Rack Position
P2: Max Cals

Score = Max cals as a team. Swap out as often as you need to (ie: when you start slowing down on machine)
Cooldown: Stretch/roll out



Saturday 11/24

Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!
WOD = Coaches Choice!


Sunday 12/9

Max Consecutive Wallballs
300m Max KB Swings
Max Plank Hold

*consecutive means when you fail/stop consecutive movement, you move on.
Cooldown: Stretch/roll out