Workouts 11/26 -12/2

There is always something to be thankful for. Giving thanks for all of the opportunities, even the ones that our struggles bring, can be hard but so worth it. It helps keeps us open minded, grow and learn and opens us up to receiving even more to be thankful for. What are you thankful for today?


Next Sunday 12/2 is our Holiday Party! If you didn’t see the FB Event here is a link:

ALSO! Some other housekeeping items…….

*Don’t forget to order your CFCA merch by December 5th!

*The BONUS 1 MIN Air Squat videos need to be submitted by 11AM on Sunday 12/2 (the last day of the games). You can also have a coach count/confirm for you in person, but that coach must not be on your team.


Tis the season for showing a little extra love and CFCA has partnered up again with Wellspring House, a community resource center for housing and adult education on Cape Ann. Every year, Wellspring has a Holiday Store where families on Cape Ann that need it most can come and “shop” for their kids.

We are working to set up a Giving Tree in the gym with gift tags adorning the branches. Each gift will go to the store and eventually end up with a child from Cape Ann! The store struggles each year with enough gifts for the teenagers in our community, so this year that is what we chose to focus on.

If you’d like to participate… grab a tag, sign your name on the spread sheet (on the desk), and then mark when you drop it off. Please leave your gifts unwrapped and plan to drop off at the gym by Wednesday, December 5th.  The good news about the tags is that each one can be doubled if you are feeling generous. (For example, if your tag says “soccer ball,” get TWO soccer balls!) But of course the one is just fine too!

Our crew is always so generous and it’s fun to have another opportunity to give back locally this season. Cheers all! Any questions about gifts or the program, feel free to contact Coach Kara. Thank you! ❤️


Monday 11/26

CFCA Games WOD #3

WU: Targeted Dynamic Stretching/Mobility for Lifts
10mins @ each:

1RM Deadlift
1RM Clean & Jerk
1RM Back Squat
1RM Strict Press

You can pick 2 lifts from the above, but all 4 lifts must be done by tour team. 1 guy and 1 gal to each lift. (P1 & P3 picked DL and C&J and P2 & P4 picked BS & SP)….You have only 10 minutes to complete each lift so strategize to set yourself up for success.  The score will be the combined completed weight by ALL teammates.

Cool Down: Group Stretch/Roll mobility sesh


Tuesday 11/27

3 x 5 Strict/Weighted Pull/Chin-Ups and Push-Ups
3 set alternating between 5 weighted Pull/Chin-Ups and Push-Ups
(ADV: Spiderman push-ups)


AMRAP10 with Partner
P1: 5 Renegade Man Makers  (pacer)
P2: Max SB Ground to Overhead

Part 1: For those of you who use bands, try to push yourself and use a lesser band for this WOD. You can also sub in ring rows, but make them HARD. Get as parallel as you can with the floor making sure to keep the movement still legit.

Cool Down: Banded Shoulder stretches off rig


Wednesday 11/28

4 MINS Row 500 then Max Toes to Bar>sit-ups
*2 mins off*
4 MINS 75 Double Unders>Single Unders then Max Box Jumps>Steps Ups
*2 mins off*
4 MINS Ski 500 meters then Max Slamballs
*2 mins off*
4 MINS 50 Cal AD then Max Burpees

Cool Down: Stretch/Roll out


Thursday 11/29

KB Swings
Cals Row/Ski/AD
*200m run after each round


Complete 10 rounds, 15 seconds in each plank position-
Front Plank
Side Plank- R
Side Plank- L
Superman Hold
*Try to continuously rotate from plank to plank for 10 minutes. Tough one!


Friday 11/30

20 Minutes Ascending Ladder with Partner
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead
Bent Over Rows
*Partner 1 does even reps (0, 2, 4, 6…..)
*Partner 2 does odd reps (1, 3, 5, 7…..)


AMRAP 4 x 2
30/20 Cals AD
25 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Max Shuttle Sprints in Time Remaining

*rest 2 mins between rounds


Saturday 12/1

Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!
WOD = Coaches Choice!

Sunday 12/2

Skill Work: Double Unders


“Annie on the Run”
400M run to finish each round.

MODS: 1* If you can string together 3-4 DU’s accumulate 1/2 the reps in SUCCESSFUL DU’s  2* if no DU’s do 1/2 the reps in ATTEMPTS 3* Dynamic Step Ups (try lateral step ups

GET OUTSIDE! Go do something active for 30-60+ mins at a moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace. A few of these easy sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which can help with both high intensity performance & recovery.

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday) to slow down and prep for next week. Plan Meals, stretch out, meditate? Set yourself up for success cause those that fail to plan are planning to fail.

Recovery/WODs – ask a Coach!
Having a super sore day or just don’t feel like doing the actual WOD. Come in and we’ll set up you with a Recovery/Movement WOD.
Why are these workouts important? These should be easy efforts. Fully conversational or nose breathing only pace (which is REALLY SLOW!) Get blood flowing, flush out soreness and prep the body for the next harder session.