Hey there CFCAers…

Whitney Connolly and Jaime MacDonald here! As the (almost official) new co-owners of CFCA, we wanted to write you all a quick note to toss you some info, introduce ourselves, and just say HI! The OFFICIAL closing date, AKA Pass The Torch Day, is November 1st. But no one likes waiting around for details, so here we go…

First off, you read that right. You are all now members of a women owned small business! If you were a corporation, you might get a tax break for spending some dollars with us. You’re not, but you still get to have warm fuzzies about it if you want. Just to be clear, our lovely husbands, Kevin Phoenix and Tim MacDonald, will also play active roles. They count. They’re just not running the show.

Secondly, we’d like to go on the record with the following: We LOVE the current CFCA. We’re not here to make huge changes. We’re here to preserve the spirit and the community while hopefully building upon what you already know and love. We bought the gym specifically so that no one would get to come in and make sweeping changes to the place we think of as our home away from home.

That said, maybe you have some ideas about what might improve your CFCA experience. If so, we want to hear all about them! We will soon (in the next few days) post a link to a survey in the CFCA’rs group on Facebook and on the blog. Survey entries can be completely anonymous, or not. Your call. It’s not a short 2 second survey. We hope that you’ll take some time to give thoughtful, honest and thorough feedback. We know that’s asking a lot before we’re even officially the boss of things, so for your trouble you will be rewarded with a FREE LIMITED EDITION T-Shirt. This shirt will ONLY be available to current CFCA community members. It will never go on sale. Keep an eye on the Facebook group and blog for details.

Also in the realm of social media, those of you with Facebook accounts will receive a friend request from Jaime-Whit MacOnnolly. This will be the account we use to post updates to the CFCA’rs group etc. There are certain things you can’t do with a business account, so we created a personal one to skirt around the red tape.

Lastly, we just ask that you are patient with us during the transition. There will be bumps in the road. Hopefully not fall-on-the-hill-loop-downhill-and-stumble-back-to-the-gym-bleeding bumps. We’re anticipating more on the level of spill-the-chalk-bucket bumps. Anything you can do to kindly point out errors so that we can immediately address them would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some things we have in the works:

  • NEW merch line!
  • The November 3rd TEAM Workout will be Pass the Torch themed. You will be on Team Jaime, Team Whitney, Team Kevin, or Team Tim. Hope you all can make it!
  • The CFCA Games will be making a comeback! This year as a group competition – more info to come VERY soon, but teams will be 2 guys and 2 girls so start recruiting! There will be an RX and a Scaled division.
  • Annual party with everyone’s favorite CFCA Spirit Award

And so much more…

CLICK HERE for a little introduction, Member of the Month style, to each of your new owners!

Your new fearless leaders: Jaime MacDonald, Tim MacDonald, Whitney Connolly & Kevin Phoenix


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