The Big News!

We are still working out the details of transition and timelines but wanted to let the greater community get a glimpse of how things are moving forward and share in our excitement in introducing everyone to the NEW owners of CFCA! Karen and I are thrilled to be passing the torch to these guys as they have pretty much been at the heart of this community since day 1. Truth be told, there were folks outside of the CFCA community who wanted to buy the gym, with plans to make some pretty sweeping changes. So we were stoked when team “Save the Empire” came forward telling us they had too much love for all things CFCA to see it drastically change. That being said….they are excited to bring some new ideas to life while staying true to the unique spirit of CFCA!

We also wanted to reiterate what we mentioned when were first shared the info of passing the torch ( and that is that Karen and I aren’t going anywhere!  As much as I have dreams to move our tribe to the Canary Islands, our spanish isn’t good enough yet and our kids aren’t old enough to live out of a van so we are staying put. We will still be very active in the community – our roles will just change. I still want to be very much involved with climbing and kettlebell training and OTG activities and hopefully this shift will allow me more time to develop those further at CFCA. Karen will still be a fixture at ladies night and helping with the creative aspects of CFCA branding.

Congrats to Jaime, Tim, Whitney & Kevin!!!!!

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