Workouts for 9/3 – 9/9

Randy going with the highest bar on the burpee pull-ups!

CFCA Deep Sea Fishing This Saturday! Fishing trip with Mike and his crew is in effect ! Saturday Sept 8th is the date. We’ll head out at 1:30 from the dock  (Far left side of Cape Ann Marina) and be out till around 6:30/7 likely. He’s got rod setups for 40 folks to fish at a time and room for 100+ on the ship so come one come all. Friends and family all welcome. We may all need to chip in like $10ish depending on how many folks come. Bring some food and there will be a full bar so bring some cash for a bev. Here’s to some fun on the high seas together and coming home with some fresh fish!

Whole Life Challenge: Early registration is open for the Fall Whole Life Challenge which begins September 29th and ends November 9th. If you are looking for nutritional accountability and developing better overall lifestyle habits  you may want to consider this. We have put together an offical CFCA Team. Join here!

Interesting Read: Low Carb/Keto Diet deemed superior to meds on Mental Health Disorders!

Also Good!

A great article on the value of low intensity work as a supplement to aid in recovery, increase overall fitness and promote weight loss. We fully believe in this.  Especially, if your goals are more oriented toward weight loss, this is great information for progressing more low intensity work into your daily routine. If you have access to hills, a treadmill or a child to put on your back or in a a stroller all the better. The tricky part for some is that you have to distance yourself from the crossfit mentality that it always needs to be high intensity/hard to be effective. This is a totally different energy system where the opposite is true. It actually should be a sustainable conversational pace to be effective in building aerobic capacity and promoting rather than inhibiting recovery.

Labor Day 9/3

Remember we have ONLY 1 class today at 8AM! Come in and get it done before enjoying the day with friends and family. 

Coaches Choice.

Tuesday 9/4

Every 3 Mins for 24 Mins Complete this complex (bars or bells)
5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Strict or Push Press (when needed)
5 Pull-ups or Hard Ring Rows

Ascend in weight if needed for the first 4 rounds then heavy but do-able with good form for the last 4. Focus on Moderately Heavy loads with and completing a round every 3 Mins


With Partner 10 Min Amrap  Sandbag Drag/ Sprint Combo
Sandbag Drag 1 Length of the gym and sprint back to tag partner who sprints to the bag and drags back to you….repeat till 10 mins up.

5:30PM: Kettlebell Class

Wednesday 9/5

3 Rounds
3 mins to Row/Run 400m
Into Max Rep Single Side Dumbbell Squat Clean Thruster (Alt R/L)
1 min Rest

3 mins to Row/Run 400m
Into Max Rep Single Side Dumbbell Snatches (Alt R/L)
1 min Rest

3 mins to Row/Run 400m
Into Max Rep Toes to Bar/Rings > Plate Sit-ups
1 min Rest

6:30-8:00PM Climbing/ Open Gym.

Thursday 9/6

20 Min Circuit for Quality
1 Lap Sled Push
1 Length Heavy Seated Rope Pull
Max Set of Ring/Bar Dips or Push-ups (full ROM, NFT)

Remember that “For Quality” doesn’t mean coast. It means rest intuitively to keep the reps really clean yet still challenging. It is a chance for you to explore heavier weight, harder movements without a focus on the clock in a “for time” setting. If done with the right resistance these workouts are great at creating progression.


Teams of 3-4: Complete 150 Calorie Ski
P1: Ski For Cals
P2: Pace w/ 3 Shuttle Runs
P3: Rest

Friday 9/7

“Triple 5”

5 Mins Max DH Pullups @BW
5 Mins Rest
5 Mins Max Double KB Clean& Jerks RX: (53/35#)
5 Mins Rest
5 Min Row for Calories

“Triple 5” is a benchmark. Keep track of reps and how you MOD the movements. MOD Pull-ups as needed (banded, ring rows etc..) BUT…If you can do even 1 Strict Pull-up Do not MOD them.

Saturday 9/8

Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Coaches Choice!

Sunday  9/9

Option 1
15 mins to find your 1RM Front Squat

Option 2
Every Three Minutes for 15 Mins (5 Sets)
1 Set Max Consecutive Rep KB Headcutters (AHASP)


12 Min Ascending Ladder 1-2-3-4>
Power Snatch (Barbell, Sandbag, Alt DB)
Bar/Bag Lateral Burpee

GET OUTSIDE! Go do something active for 30-60+ mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace.  A few of these easy sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which can help with both high intensity performance & recovery.

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday) to slow down and prep for next week. Plan Meals, stretch out, meditate? Set yourself up for success cause those that fail to plan are planning to fail.

Recovery WOD
“Around the World” for  3-5 Rounds
3 Min Easy Row
3 Min Easy Ski
3 Min Easy Airdyne
3 Min Yoga Flow

Why are these workouts important? These should be easy efforts. Fully conversational or nose breathing only pace (which is REALLY SLOW!) Get blood flowing, flush out soreness and prep the body for the next harder session.

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