May Member of the Month

Name: Troy Sullivan

Nickname:  T-Bone, and then some others that are probably not appropriate

Occupation outside of being a CrossFit champ: Mainly a CrossFit champ, but also an Estate Planning/Probate Attorney

Hometown: America’s Hometown, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Favorite workout: Anything involving body weight exercises (push ups/pull ups/sit ups).

Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat, although I don’t think we do it as much anymore as it is an injury waiting to happen.

Favorite WOD music: I like it all.

Which class do you usually attend? 4:30 pm

How did you find out about CrossFit?  It was awhile ago, but I think my wife’s friend mentioned it so I checked it out.

Did you play sports back in the day? I played football, baseball and wrestled.  What happened to the smoking butts under the bleachers portion?  I had a good answer for that one…

How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym? I can tell you that I took almost two years off from CrossFit and turned into a lazy, out of shape, miserable person.  So my wife is happy I am back.

What and/or who motivates/inspires you? In the gym I am inspired by those people who never quit.  Also, a big fan of the Bruce Lee quotes everywhere.  Outside of the gym the most inspirational person of all time is Helen Keller.  She’s unbelievable.

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through CrossFit? I just want to be able to chase my kids around and be active.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? Hobbies?  I have three kids, no hobbies.  Relaxing.  I like relaxing.

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?  Best gym I’ve ever been a part of.  Good people (except Chris DeWolfe).

CFCA favorite memory? I always liked it when I ran by the old space during the Fiesta 5K and the crew was there cheering everyone on.

Any tips for the new members? Everyone is there to support you.  All you need to do is keep showing up and get through the work out.  Who cares if it takes you the longest or you are using the lightest weight.  We’ve all been new members and were nervous showing up the first day.  Who cares.  Also, wear high socks and long pants when it is rope climb day.

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