Week of 9/25 – 10/1

Coach Mel going through last Tuesdays Circuit.

Benchmark Boards: Some of you may have noticed that the Benchmark Workouts above the bathrooms have been painted over. Don’t fret if this was a motivating aspect of the gym… We have 44 of them that will be going back up. Most are ones you have done but some are new too. We have refined the list and selected what we feel are the best tests that reflect overall fitness and got rid of the ones that we felt were redundant.  Look for them going up this week at some point.

September Schedule Tweaks: REMEMBER.…We have gone back to running classes on the hour 4:30/5:30/6:30 PM. AND…. we have shifted  the 8:30AM on Tuesday Morning to Thursday morning. All the available coaches have conflicts at the Tuesday 8:30 time Also Climbing night has also shifted from Tuesday to Wednesday at 6:30. Here is the full updated schedule. https://crossfitcapeann.com/class-schedule/

Last Week of the Friday Morning Trail Runs & Quarry Swim: This is the LAST WEEK of the Friday morning trail run in Dogtown at 6AM. Lets have one last hurrah with a big crew! The pace of the run is conversational and we generally do between 3-4 miles finishing with an optional swim at the quarry and are back to the cars around 7-7:15am. Join us!!!

Sunday Open Gyms: Our Sunday 10-11AM Open Gym is still on hold but will likely start to be more weather dependent (i.e if it’s nice out we will not run it). That being said, feel free to come in and do open gym activities while the Sunday 9AM class is running (provided you are not interfering and get the coach ok). Thanks for understanding and remember to prioritize that OTG activity as much as you can, while you can. Get out there and explore beautiful Cape Ann. Once we get deeper into the Fall the open gym time will be more regularly scheduled.

Monday 9/25

Performance & Fitness
20 Min Strength Circuit for Quality
5-7 Deadlifts (Ascending to Hard but Doable)
7-10 Strict Handstand Push-ups> Strict Dips> Standard Push-ups*
7-10 Single Arm Bent Rows (Per Side Alternating Each Rep)

*If you cannot get 7-10 Consecutive reps, accumulate to 7.

5 Mins Off

12/200M Double Under
AMRAP 12 Mins
200M Run
Max Consecutive Double Unders

*If no Double Unders Pick from one of the following time trials

  • 2K Row or Ski
  • Double Hill Loop
  • 10 Min Airdyne Test (Max Cals in 10 mins)

Tuesday 9/26

Run Hill Loop
immediately followed by…

6 Rounds of:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lbs)
10 Box Jumps (20in)
15 Single Arm Alternating Kettlebell Swings (70/53#)

immediately followed by…
Reverse Hill Loop

Run Hill Loop/ Row 1000M or AD 100 Cals
immediately followed by…

6 Rounds of:
10 Dumbbell Push Press
10 Dumbbell Box Step ups (Farmer or Rack Position OK)
10 Russian Swings

immediately followed by…
Run Hill Loop/ Row 1000M or AD 100 Cals

5:30PM: Kettlebell Class

Wednesday 9/27

Performance & Fitness
4-5 Rounds NFT  (20 Mins)
8-10 Back/Front Squats
2-3 Weighted Pull-Ups > Standard or PU Negatives
30-60 second Ring Rollouts > Ring Plank

5 Mins Off

Teams of 2 – 15 Min AMRAP
5 Barbell Squat Clean Thrusters or Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters
5 Burpee Pull-Ups
Partners will alternate complete Rounds

 Climbing/ Open Gym.

Thursday 9/28

Performance & Fitness
3 Rounds – 2 Mins On/ 2 Mins Off
1 Lap Burpee Sandbag Toss
Double Unders, Ski or Row the Remainder of the Time

3 Rounds – 2 Mins On/ 2 Mins Off
1 Lap Sandbag Drag
Double Unders Ski or Row the Remainder of the Time

3 Rounds – 2 Mins On/ 2 Mins Off
1 Lap Sandbag Lunges
Double Unders, Ski or Row the Remainder of the Time

Pick a Sandbag that is challenging for you but still allows you to do the sandbag work in under 1 min.

Friday 9/29

15 Mins to work up to a 1-3-5RM Strict Press

5 Mins off

Complete for Time:
Run the Hill Loop
100 WallBalls (20/14# 10/9ft)
Run the Hill loop

5 Rounds (15 Mins)
Min 1: 8-10  Barbell/Dumbbell Strict Press
Min 2: 30 Seconds Single Arm Ring Row R
Min 3: 30 Seconds Single Arm Ring Row L

5 Mins Off

3 Rounds
30 WallBalls
Row/ Ski 600 Meters
1 Min Rest Between Rounds

Saturday 9/30

Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Complete with a Partner (1 Works/ 1 Rests)
1000 Meter Ski/Row
90 Kettlebell Swings (Adv: Single Side Alternating)
800 Meter Ski/Row
70 Push-ups
600 Meter Ski/Row
50 Plate Burpees
400 Meter Ski/Row
30 Pull-ups
200 Meter Ski/Row
1 Flat Loop Farmer Carry

Partition the work up as needed to complete.

Sunday  10/1

Performance & Fitness
30 Min: 1-3 Repeating Barbell/KB/DB Complex for Quality

  • Deadlift
  • Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Shoulder to OH
  • Bent Row

*Finish each round of 3 reps with 1 Set of Max Chin-ups

Go heavy today as reps are low to allow you to do so. Rest as needed to maintain quality crisp movement patterns. You will have time to warm-up to your working weight before we start. This will be with static weight (not ascending) so make sure you are comfortable in all the movements (especially overhead) before we start. You will do 1 of each of the movements followed by 2 of each then 3 of each….then 1 set of chin-ups and start back at 1 again.

Outside the Gym Recovery Day?  Do something active for 30-60+ mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace aka “Zone 1”. If you have a heart rate monitor keep the beats right under 180 minus your age. (easier than you think!)  A few of these sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which will help with both high intensity performance & recovery.

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday) to slow down and prep for next week. Plan Meals, stretch out, meditate?

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