Week of 6/26 – 7/2

Look at this active family pic… Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves! Amazing to see so much CFCA participation this year in all the “healthy” aspects of Fiesta. If I can find a Quad stroller I’m up for the 5K next year.

Tuesday 5:30PM Kettlebell Class: We have started running a kettlebell class on Tuesday nights at 5:30PM. This workout will remain relatively the same week to week to allow for progression and will be generally a 40 min interval KB workout focusing on full body & single side movements. If you are interested in joining me (Jon) just show up. If you have friends who you think may be interested… have them come down. No CF experience or CFCA membership is required and your/their first class is free. Meaning I won’t count it as a class for you members the first go round. SO just throwing this out there. It’s no secret I love KB’s and lack of time (due to children/moving) often finds me doing a similar workout a few times a week in my bedroom and honestly I feel really strong. KB’s give the greatest combo of strength and conditioning IMO in one simple object. So come check it out!!  We had a great turnout of 14 last week. 

Friday Morning Trail Runs & Quarry Swim: Remember when the weather allows (not raining) we are doing a weekly trail run in Dogtown at 6AM on Friday Mornings. We meet at on the road outside 36 Curtis St. The pace of the run is conversational and we generally do between 3-4 miles and are back to the cars around 7-7:15. Come Join us!

Sunday Open Gyms: Sunday 10-11:30 Open Gyms will be weather dependent (i.e if it’s nice out we will not run it)….BUT feel free to come in and do open gym activities while the Sunday 9AM class is running (provided you are not interfering). Thanks for understanding and remember to prioritize that OTG activity as much as you can while you can. Get out there and explore beautiful Cape Ann.

4th of July Schedule: Our Schedule for next week is as follows. We will run a normal schedule through the morning on Monday 7/3 but will only have a 4:15 class in the afternoon. So NO 5:30 and Ladies Night. Go Enjoy the parade and fireworks! We will be closed on the 4th! Happy Independence Day. Regular schedule will resume on the Wednesday 7/5.

Monday 6/26

Performance & Fitness
3 Rounds
400M Run
21 American Swings 53/35#
12 Pull-ups (kipping)

Challenge: 15 Min Cap
Heavy Helen
3 Rounds’s
400M Run
21 Amercian Swings 70/53#
12 Strict Pull-ups


AMRAP 4 Mins KB/DB Overhead Carry Big Interior Loop
1 Min Rest/ Transition
AMRAP 4 Mins KB Rack Carry Big Interior Loop.
1 Min Rest/ Transition
AMRAP 4 Mins KB Farmer or Pinch Carry Big Interior Loop.

Tuesday 6/27

5:30PM class is Kettlebells Only. Come check it out. 

AMRAP 20 Mins – 1/2 Bodyweight Bear Complex
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press (behind the neck)
1 Bar Facing Burpee (then put a hash mark on the chalk board) 

Modify the weight as needed to keep moving as much as possible.

20 Mins for Quality
3 Man Makers
10 Cal Row


Teams of 4-5 / 10 Min Ski Relay Ascending Pulls from 5,6,7,8,9 etc..

Wednesday 6/28

Performance & Fitness
4 Rounds with a Partner or 40 Mins.
P1: Hill Loop (Pacer)
P2: Max Rounds 10 Russian Swings/ 10 Sit-ups / 10 Plank-ups (5R/5L)

*Pick up where your partner leaves off on the AMRAP

Thursday 6/29

15 Mins to Establish a 1RM or 5RM Push Press (No Jerks)


3 Rounds
10 Squat Clean Thrusters 135/85#
400M Run
1 Min Off

15 Mins
Even Mins: Strict Press to Push Press Cluster (Barbells/ KB’s/DB’s Players choice)
Odd Mins: Accumulate 30 Second of a Plank Hold


3 Rounds or 15 Mins
10 KB Headcutters (AHASP)
400M Run or Row
1 Min Rest

Friday 6/30

Performance & Fitness
5 Burpee to Tire Jump throughs
5 Tire Flips

2 Mins Off

5 WallBalls
5 Burpee Pull-ups

2 Mins Off

5 Slamballs
5 Burpee to Slamball Over Shoulder Toss


3 Rounds NFT
Max Ring Support, Tuck or L Hold
1 Lap Sandbag Drag

Saturday 7/1

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice…but generally a longer effort more geared toward the cardiovascular fitness spectrum.

Sunday 7/2

Performance & Fitness
10 Rounds with a Partner
200M Run/Row
20 Cal Airdyne
20 Cal Ski
Alternate Efforts each exercise with your partner.

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