Week of 6/12 – 6/18

Ski Relay Fun!

Gym News: We have reached official summertime status with Thursday sport nights, Friday trail runs etc. As of June 1st Sunday 10-11:30 Open Gyms will be weather dependent (i.e if it’s nice out we will not run it)….BUT feel free to come in and do open gym activities while the Sunday 9AM class is running (provided you are not interfering). Thanks for understanding and remember to prioritize that OTG activity as much as you can. Get out there and explore beautiful Cape Ann.

Monday 6/12

Grace/Cindy Mash-up
12 Clean & Jerks 
5 Rounds of Cindy
9 Clean & Jerks
3 Rounds of Cindy
6 Clean & Jerks
1 Round of Cindy

RX= 135/95# 

1 Round of Cindy is
5 Pull-ups (Kipping OK)
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

AMRAP 20 Mins
10 Sandbag Ground to OH
10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows
10 Push-ups
10 Air Squats (Upgrade Zercher w/ Sandbag)

Tuesday 6/13

Performance & Fitness
With a Partner
10 Min Burpee Ladder (option to plate)
2 Mins Rest
10 Min Russian Swing Ladder
2 Mins Rest
10 Min Gimme Gimme Ladder

Partner 1: Odd Reps
Partner 2: Even Reps
Gimmes: Repeating Ladder 1,2,3,1,2,3

Wednesday 6/14

50/20 Deadlift/Ring Dip

You will spend 20 Mins working up to 50 reps of each exercise. Use a weight that is challenging for 5 reps. You will match the Deadlift reps with Ring Dip reps. Meaning if you do 5 Deadlifts you have to do 5 Dips before moving on. Dips can be weighted also.  If you get over 50 Reps before the 20 mins is up you will add weight for the next time this workout comes around again. Attention should be paid to getting 50 Perfect Reps not 50 as fast as possible.

AMRAP 20 Mins
7 Deadlifts
7 Bar or Parallette Dips
7 Cal Ski (Optional)


1 Mile Run for Time (Hill Loop to Flat Loop)

Thursday 6/15

Performance & Fitness
40-30-20-10 Reps of 

  • Run/Row (400/300/200/100M)
  • Slamball
  • Box Jumps/Step-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • WallBalls

RX= 53/35 RS/ 20in BJ/ 20/14# 10/9ft WB 

Friday 6/16

Performance & Fitness
EMOM for 15 Mins
2-4  Reps R/L of Pistol or MOD


15 Mins Repeating Ladder 1-5
KB HeadCutters
Russian Swings
Crush Push-ups
Burpee Pull-ups

RX: 70/53#

Saturday 6/17

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice…but generally a longer effort more geared toward the cardiovascular fitness spectrum.

Sunday 6/18

Performance & Fitness
Just Show Up!

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