May Member of the Month

Joanne: Training at CFCA to enhance her passion for mountain biking

Name: Joanne Mercaldi

Nickname: Jo

Occupation outside of being a CrossFit champ: I was the owner of TLC @ Home, a home care agency. Since the recent sale of my company I am the Executive director of the new entity, Connected Home Care. But the best job of all- a mom to Sienna and Mason!

Hometown: Queens, NY baby!

Favorite workout: The Dice Roll workouts. I love the variety and suspense.

Favorite Lift:  Thruster. I never liked them until I did personal training with Jon and got to really enjoy and see a difference in concentration on these lifts.

Favorite WOD music:  I have always been teased for my poor taste in music. If it was up to me we would work out to 80’s Hair Bands. However, Jillian’s mix is my fav.

Which class do you usually attend?  6:45 Ladies night with our inspirational coach: Jamie MacDonald.  It’s an amazing group of women who all care about each other and motivate one another.

How did you find out about CrossFit?  Word of mouth. I’ve been a member since 2011.

Did you play sports back in the day?  Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers?  I was a gymnast and competitive cheerleader all the way through college. (Yes, Cheerleading is a sport) That was really back in the day!  I have since traded my cheering skirt for mountain biking pads.

How has CrossFit changed your life outside of the gym?  I feel energetic, positive, confident that I can accomplish things physically. I love it that my kids are learning that women are strong and confident

What and/or who motivates/inspires you?  The women in the “Ladies Night”class. They are truly amazing, strong, motivating and encouraging. Life does not stop them from concentrating on their goals so they can be a better mom and person.

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the
gains made through CrossFit?  I want to just continue to feel strong on my mountain bike.  CF and doing some additional private training with Jon has made such a difference in all aspects of my riding and I am so grateful for that.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?  I am an avid Mountain Biker, The more technical the better!  I also love being in the woods. I enjoy Skiing, Hiking, Paddle Boarding (which was introduced to me through CF), and yes, I will try surfing again!

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?  The members.  I have met so many amazing and kind people here from all walks of life and it is so interesting to be a part of a team that is so dedicated to be there working on their fitness and health.

CFCA favorite memory?  Showing up one night to ladies night and there was a sign in the door that said : “Meet us surfing at good harbor.” Karen, Jaime and Jenny were killing it surfing.  They were so patient helping us learn how to surf. Karen stood in the water and held our boards as I got pummeled by the waves.  I didn’t even manage to get up once on the board and got a lot of sand in my suit, but I just loved
being out there with them.

Any tips for the new members?  You really do get out what you put into it. The motivation to be there needs to come from you. The coaches can only push you so far but it’s up to you to decide how much you want to put in and how much success you want to get out.

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