Week of 5/1 – 5/7

Sandra boosting the KB’s overhead during a Sunday Complex a few weeks back. Does everyone else love the bells (both kettle & dumb) as much as I do?

Gym News: Reminder Friday Morning trail runs are happening!  Run is generally 30-40 mins at a fairly easy pace finishing off with a quick dip in the Quarry if you so choose. It’s great to start the day off with a little exercise and good company so feel free to bring friends! We meet at 38 Curtis Street, Rockport at 6AM. (Park on the side of Curtis Street)

Aspiring Rowers: Now that the weather is warmer, I wanted to fill CFCA-ers in on two rowing organizations that are uniquely Cape Ann. Dory rowing is amazing exercise and beyond that it’s just a cool way to experience the beauty of the harbor. The dories are available for use if you are a member of the International Dory Racing Club ($100 Per year). We sponsor them because it’s kind of in line with what we preach…get out of the gym and enjoy that capacity! Plus taking your lover on a human powered harbor cruise has been known to pay dividends in other areas of life I’m told. And if you love rowing actual boats, consider signing up for the blackburn challenge which will have you rowing 20+ miles around Cape Ann for 4-6+ hours. Karen and I did it together a few years back and now we have 3 kids! Any who if you are interested, Alex Pizzimenti & Jeff Muise could fill you in with more details. You do need to find oars and seats which is a minor setback but I believe the club has some loaner equipment too. http://internationaldories.com/about-us/

Also, The Gloucester Gig rowers meet regularly for workouts and are always looking for new folks to check it out. Gig boats seat 6 so they are bigger than the Banks Dories. Membership is $125 a year but likely all the equipment is included. If you have questions about gig rowing, CFCA-er Suzanne Pinto can fill you in. http://www.gloucestergigrowers.com/aboutus

Whole 30: A few of us at the gym are embarking on a Whole 30 for the month of May. For those that don’t know the Whole 30 is a nutritional plan that eliminates certain foods (mainly processed carbs aka sugar & dairy) that have been known to cause health problems. If you are interested to look better (and who isn’t?) and feel better too (after a potential short period of feeling worse), you may want to give it a go. As we always say we can make you stronger and more capable with workouts at CFCA but how you actually look has mostly to do with what you eat. The Whole 30 will boost the quality of the food you are consuming but you still might have to dial in the right quantity. We created a FB group for those that are participating for accountability, ideas etc. If you want to be included, ask to be added. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1366995793346874/ and if you want more info on the Whole 30 you can read about here. https://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

It should be noted that this IS NOT a CFCA “challenge”. Meaning there is NO pot of money to win at the end. I love a good challenge yes, but more often than not the results acquired through the challenge are not sustained after it’s over.  Use it a s a chance to work on setting some sustainable nutritional guidelines that will remain after the 30 days. I mean… Beach season is around the corner!  Use that for motivation.

Movement WOD Poster: We are in the process of making a sweet Movement WOD poster that will have 5+ options. This workout is designed to be an active recovery day. This is a great option to get the blood flowing reduce soreness (without inducing more) and maintain a positive attendance routine.  The Movement WOD is meant be completed at a moderate (conversational) pace and is open to interpretation with movement selection. Look for the poster in the coming days on the right side of the chalkboard.

Monday 5/1

Performance & General Fitness
Teams or 2 – (1 Works/ 1 Rests)
3 Rounds
3 Mins Battle Rope
3 Mins Sandbag Burpees
3 Mins Tire Flips
3 Mins Sandbag Drags

The intention for today is to keep the intensity level high when you are working and pass off to your partner when you feel yourself start to drag.

Tuesday 5/2

25 Min Ladder for Quality 1-2-3-4-5 ?
Power Cleans (ADV: Squat Cleans)
Scotty Bobs

Loading should be on the heavier side for your current ability on both the Cleans and Scotty Bobs.
General Fitness:  KB/DB’s OK too on the cleans as well as Heavy 1/2 Headcutters


Hill Loop For Time or 1000m Row

Work on some Skill/ Strength and follow it up with a fast paced sprint.

Wednesday 5/3 CV

Performance & General Fitness
30 mins Teams of 3-4
P1: Sled Drag Big Loop (Pacer)
P2: Max Reps of….
P3: Rest
P4: Rest

Mins 0-10: AD for Cals
Mins 10-20: Slamball
Mins 20-30: Burpee Box Jump Overs/ Burpee Step Ups & Over

One Airdyne is out of commission so teams will likely start with differing exercise elements…rotate after 10 mins. Drag laps should be in the minute range so adjust weight accordingly.

Thursday 5/4

Performance & General Fitness
“Triple 5”

5 Mins Max Strict Pullups/Ring Rows
5 Mins Rest
5 Mins Max Double KB Clean& Jerks (2 @53/35#)
5 Mins Rest
5 Min Row for Calories

“Triple 5” is a benchmark. Keep track of reps and how you MOD the movements. You CAN squeeze one of our challenges in there with Max Rep DH Pull-ups on the first set of the 5 mins but it might not be the best idea.. Keep track of what you were able to do.

Friday 5/5

15 Mins to a 1RM Bench Press

General Fitness
5 Rounds  (15 Mins)
Min 1: Single Side Bench Press Right
Min 2: Single Side Bench Press Left
Min 3: Rest


3 Rounds
400M Run
200M Farmer Carry
RX: 70% BW w/ KB’s

Saturday 5/6

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice…but generally a longer effort more geared toward the cardiovascular fitness spectrum.

On a side note: Karen’s Birthday!

Sunday 5/7

If the Weather allows, perhaps a field trip to Burnhams Field for an outside cardiovascular based WOD.

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