Week of 4-17 – 4/23

Surfing’s where you find it!

Gym News: Reminder we are starting off the Friday morning trail run this Friday 4/21. We will plan to meet on the road outside Diane P’s house at 38 Curtis Street, Rockport at 6AM. Park on the side of Curtis Street. Run is generally 30-40 mins at a fairly easy pace finishing off with Swimming at the Quarry if you so choose. Stoked to get this going again as it’s great to start the day off with a little exercise and good company. Hope to see lots of the OG’s and some new faces too!

Monday 4/17

“50-50-50” – For Time
50 Cal Row
50 KB Headcutters 53/35#
50 Cal Ski

General Fitness
Option to MOD weight and Reps to 40-40-40

3-5 Rounds NFT
10 Plank-ups (5R/5L)
1 Max Hold Ring Support/ Tuck or L- Position

Tuesday 4/18

Performance  & General Fitness
20 Mins for Quality Ascending ladder (1-2-3-4-5-?)
Strict Chin ups (Banded OK)
Ring Dips or Ring Push-ups

5 Mins Off

5 Rounds – Teams of 3 (1 Works/2 Rest)  *15 Min Cap
1 Lap Sled Push

On Part 1. Use weights/resistance that is hard for you for 5-7 Reps. Weight can be added to the chin-ups and ring dips. Grind through and rest intuitively.  Sled Push Laps on Part 2 should average between 30-60 seconds. If you are going beyond a minute please lighten it up.

Wednesday 4/19

Performance & General Fitness
Teams of 2 – Ascending Reps
6 Min AirDyne (Start at 10 Cals )
1 Min Rest
6 Min Big Boy Helltrack (1st, 2nd, 3rd Telephone Poles)
1 Min Rest
6 Min Gimmes Gimmes (1,2,3 Laps Repeating)
1 Min Rest
6 Min Slamballs (1-2-3-4 etc)

Both Partners will match each others reps before moving on. So in the case of the air dyne, both will do 10 rep intervals before moving to 11. If player has an issue that doesn’t allow them to run on the “Big Boy Helltrack” they can row 100M, 150M, 200M instead. Gimmes will ascend to 3 laps then start over at 1 and repeat.

Core Circuit 
3 Rounds
1 Min Leg Throwdowns
1 Min Rest (Thrower)

Thursday 4/20 BRO!

4 Rounds
20 Sandbag Push-up to Sandbag Clean
20 Standing Keg Lifts (10R/10L)
20 Sandbag Step-ups (10R/10L)
2 Laps Sandbag Drag
RX: 75/55#

General Fitness
AMRAP 30 mins
10 Sandbag Push-up to Sandbag Clean
10 Standing Keg Lifts (5R/5L)
10 Sandbag Step-ups (5R/5L)
1 Lap Sandbag Drag

Friday 4/21

15 Mins to a Front or Overhead Squat 5RM or  1RM


AMRAP 10 Mins
Max Renegade Man Makers @ 50/35%BW (Round up to nearest poundage)

General Fitness
15 Min Density Set

  • Heavy Goblet Squat or Double KB Front Squat
  • Single Side KB Strict Press
  • Single Side KB Bent Row R/Lthen

AMRAP 10 Mins with a Partner
Ski, Airdyne or Row for Max Cals

On the Density Set. You must match reps on each of the 3 exercises so if you do 8 Goblet Squats you must do 8 Push-ups and 8 KB Bent Rows per side before moving on.

Saturday 4/22

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice…but generally a longer effort more geared toward the cardiovascular fitness spectrum.

Sunday 4/23

3 Rounds for Completion
Hill Loop
10 Russians Swings
Flat Loop
20 Russian Swings
400M Run
30 Russian Swings
RX: 53/35#

General Fitness
40 Min Cap

Long one today. Do the math if you know it. Now that the weather is changing you will start to see more workouts taking it to the streets (especially the hills) and sometimes going long. Don’t avoid this!  Running is a fundamental human movement and often times improvements in cardiovascular machine counterparts (skiing, rowing, air dyne) don’t always transfer to getting better at running. So think of it as an opportunity for improvement. Progress may be slow (like most things) but long term consistency trumps short term intensity. If you have an injury that may not allow you to run then we will have an alternative but otherwise come in and pace through it and work on building a bigger foundation. This is not for time.

Movement WOD for the Week

30-60  Mins @60%
5 Mins Row, Ride or Flat Loop Jog
5 Min Cycle of
5 Forward Fold to Inch Worm to Up Dog
5 Prying Goblet Squat (5 Second Hold @ Bottom)

Remember: This workout is designed to be an active recovery day. If you’re not feeling your best or have residual soreness from a previous workout…this is a great option to get the blood flowing and maintain a positive attendance routine.  The Movement WOD is meant be completed at a moderate (conversational) pace and is open to interpretation with movement selection.

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