Week of 3/20 – 3/26

Has anyone else noticed Maks Vittands quietly turning himself into a machine? It’s been amazing to watch his progression from a 14 year old to now.

Gym News: There has been some talk about creating a “Guys Night” on Wednesdays at 6:45PM (when we’re not running the barbell basics/fundamentals 2x a month) in an effort to curb the very serious health concerns for middle age men laid out in Billy Bakers Boston Globe piece. https://www.bostonglobe.com/magazine/2017/03/09/the-biggest-threat-facing-middle-age-men-isn-smoking-obesity-loneliness/k6saC9FnnHQCUbf5mJ8okL/story.html

As the weather gets better and the light lasts longer I’m down to do some active guys nights with some trail/rock runs, mountain/road bike rides, climbing, soccer, SUP paddles, guys only MANLY sledgehammer/tire flip workouts (maybe), sauna’s, hot tubs? and really whatever anyone else brings to the table (boat rides, fishing?). Together I’m certain we can motivate 2x a month and minimize our health risks! Stay tuned and chime in on the FB group if you are interested or have something to offer.

Monday 3/20

Performance & General Fitness
50/20 Goat Day (Exercise Weakness A & Exercise Weakness B)

You will spend 20 Mins working up to 50+ reps of each exercise weaknesses of your choosing.  You will match the reps of each exercise meaning if you do 5 reps of exercise A then you have to do 5 reps of exercise B before moving on.  Attention should be paid to getting 50+ Perfect Reps not 50 as fast as possible. Keep track of weights and MOD’s so you can retest against it. This isn’t a CFCA benchmark but it is highly trackable to see progression in strength/ strength endurance and that is really motivating. If you choose a Skill exercise like Double Unders…potentially multiply the reps x 2-3 from what you did on the other exercise. It would be advised to pair a lower and upper body movement. Ask coaches for ideas.


CF Opens Workout 17.4
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts, 225/155 lb.
55 wall-ball shots, 20/14# 10/9ft. target
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

If you are registered for the OPENs and fit a Masters or Scaled category please double check weights and standards for your specific group here https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2017

Tuesday 3/21

Performance & General Fitness
Fight Gone Sandbag
3 Rounds for Max Reps
1 Min Shoulder to Squat (Alternating sides)
1 Min Sandbag Presses
1 Min Sandbag Step Ups (20in)
1 Min Alternating Offset Push-up
1 Min Sandbag Drag (Every 5 Feet = 1 rep)
1 Min Rest

RX: 75/55#
GF: MOD to weight that allows you to complete all the movements safely.

Depending on class size we may run two heats. The workout is 17 mins long and a derivative of the crossfit benchmark “Fight Gone Bad” which was designed to mimic the respiratory demands a UFC fight.

Wednesday 3/22

15 Mins to work up to a Heavy Squat or Power Snatch


12/200 Hang Power Snatch
AMRAP 12 Mins
200M Run
Max Consecutive Hang Power Snatches
RX: Guys 50% BW Ladies 40% BW

When you drop the bar, you run 200M as a penalty/recovery.  Score is total Reps over the 12 mins.

General Fitness
Even Mins for 15 Mins
3-5 Hang Power Snatch
(Ascending to challenging but doable with good form)


12/200 Russian Swing
AMRAP 12 Mins
200M Run
Max Consecutive Russian Swings
Pick a bell that you can do for 15ish Reps fresh. When you drop it, you run 200M as a penalty/recovery.  Score is total Reps over the 12 mins.

Thursday 3/23

Performance & General Fitness
30 Min Ascending Ladder for Quality
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Shoulder to OH
Bent Row
1 Interior Big Loop Heavy Farmer Carry in Between all Rounds

Adjust to fit your specific goals. If your looking for more of a strength stimulus from the session then go heavier knowing you will need more rest. If you are looking to breathe hard consistently pick a mid range weight for the complex and just keep moving. Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Sandbags all OK to use.

Friday 3/24

3-6-9-12- etc..
Burpee Pull-ups (to bar at least 6 inches above extended reach)
Row Cals

6 Min Rest

3-6-9-12- etc..
Burpee Box Jump Overs 20in
Ski Cals

6 Min Rest

3-6-9-12- etc..
Russian Swings 70/53#
Air Dyne Cals

General Fitness: MOD elements as needed to keep consistently moving for the 6 mins.

Saturday 3/25

9AM Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Coaches Choice…but generally a longer effort more geared toward the cardiovascular fitness spectrum.

Sunday 3/26

“CFCA Total”

1 RM Turkish Get Up (must be done on both sides with  barbell..use spotters)
1 RM Clean & Jerk
1 RM weighted Pull-up
Your CFCA total is the sum of your 1 RM TGU, Clean & Jerk & Weighted Pull-up. Generally we give about 20 Mins on the TGU, 15 Mins on the Clean and Jerk and 5-10 Mins on the Pull-up. Please use a spotter if you are doing barbell TGU’s and get in a rotation of alternating efforts with them to allow recovery.
General Fitness
If your not interested in working toward a 1RM please do the following with challenging weight with clean form.
1 TGU Per Side (slow and steady)
3 Mins off
3-5 Clean & Jerks or G2O Sandbag/ Dumbbells/ Kettlebells
3 Mins off
EOM 12
2-3 Weighted pull-ups> Pull-ups or 1-2 PU Negatives

Crossfit Opens 17.5

10-11AM Open Gym  This is a great time to work on skills you have an interest in but don’t feel like you have the chance to work on during class time. A great format would be 1 min on / 1 min off for 20-30 mins of quality Reps. Skill work should not be rushed when you are trying to dial in technique on say rope climbs.

Movement WOD for the Week

30-60  Mins @60%
2 Min Row or Ride
5 Brace Squats
5 Inchworm to Push-up to Up Dog
5 KB Halo’s
1 Twisting Spiderman Stretch R/L
1 Banded Shoulder Stretch R/L

Remember: This workout is designed to be an active recovery day. If you’re not feeling your best or have residual soreness from a previous workout…this is a great option to get the blood flowing and maintain a positive attendance routine.  The Movement WOD is meant be completed at a moderate (conversational) pace and is open to interpretation with movement selection.

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