Friday 1/27

Deirdre on the slam ball clean and throw! Community Fun Fact: Deirdre is the Pastor at the Annisquam Village Church

Gym News: We are going to put together a protein/fish oil order for SFH. If you want something please post in the comments below. Planning to get some single serving “churros” packets to test it out.

Last week of Buddy Month is upon us! It’s been great so far with lots of new faces. If you have someone still interested bring them in and see how they like it. They Join..they get $50 Off or free fundamentals and you get a $50 credit toward membership, march, protein etc… 

 Last night we discussed a minor schedule tweak at the coaches meeting that we are going to put into effect Feb 1st. Thursday afternoons which are currently 5:30PM Class and 6:45PM Grinder are going to become 4:15 Class 5:15-6PM Open Gym and 6PM Grinder. We had some feedback that the grinder starts on the late side which combined with dinner and at times slow service makes for a late school night. We hope this tweak will make that class more accessible to more members..

AND… the tribe has spoken! Starting Sunday we will go back to posting the WEEK of workouts. Lot’s of passionate feedback on this. In all honesty, I switched it to daily cause I thought it would be easier (its hard to get in to a good work flow with twins and a 3 year old) but that hasn’t been the reality. So we will switch back so you can plan your week a little easier.

Performance & General Fitness
30 Mins in Teams of 3-4 – Aquire 600 Calories Total
300 Cals On the Airdyne
200 Cals on the Row
100 Cals on the Ski

*1 Person on a machine at a time, the pacer will do 5 reps of Slamball over the shoulder to burpee. Then take over on the machine. The other members of the team will rest till it is their turn to pace. This must be done chipper style from the top down or bottom up.

Movement WOD
30 Mins of Sun Salutations w/ Spiderman
3 Breath Pause at each Position

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