Tuesday 1/24

Jodi tire flipping from a Saturday Team Workout. Congrats to Jodi on the purchase of her first house!

Gym News: Nada

12 mins to Ascend to a Heavy Set of 5 Reps Bench Press
Repeat for 2 more sets Rest 2 mins between sets

General Fitness: 6 Sets of Max Rep KB/DB Bench Press
8-12 Reps to Failure


AMRAP 6 Mins
10 Russian Swings
10 Cal Ski
RX: 70/44#

Rest 6 Mins

AMRAP 6 Mins
10 Wallball
10 Cal Row
RX: 20/14 10/9ft


6 Min Single Side Rack Carry AHASP (Alternate Sides as needed and try not to put it down for the 6 Mins

Movement WOD
30-40 Mins
3 Min Airdyne
3 Rounds
3 Brace Squats w/MedBall
3 Inchworm to Push-up
Spiderman Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

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