Friday 1/20

Awesome to see Whit get really strong post pregnancy! Community Fun Fact: Whit played D1 Field Hockey at BU and is a big proponent of Yoga. Have you seen her stretching after class?  

Gym News: Remember a few weeks of “Buddy Month” left. We have been dishing out the $50 credit to quite a few members lately as there have been an influx of new faces. If you have a friend that has expressed interest, bring them in before February.

Performance & General Fitness
4-6 Rounds for Quality (15 Mins)
7-10 Seated (floor) KB Seesaw Strict Press (14-20 total)
2 Lengths Heavy Rope Pull


With a Team of 3 – 10 Minutes of:
P1: AMRAP Slamball or Sandbag Squat Clean to Throw 
P2: 300M Run, Row, Ski (alternate each round) 

P3: Rest


3 Rounds  
30 Sec Hollow Rocks
30 Sec Bottom’s Up or Overhead Kettlebell Hold R
30 Sec Bottom’s Up or Overhead Kettlebell Hold L

Movement WOD
3 Min AirDyne
2 Rounds
5 Brace Squats
5 Inchworm to Push-up
Spiderman Stretch R/L

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