Thursday 1/19

Betsy going through Sundays bar complex. Community Fun Fact: Betsy is a vet that works primarily with horses and did so for a while in Australia.

Gym News: We have a fresh batch of Gnarly Nutrition Branch Chain Amino Acids. It’s a great pre-workout fuel especially if your coming early in a fasted state. Tasty too! We ordered 16 containers this time so let a coach now if you want one. More info on them here.

Also, great to see some folks taking a shine to the movement WOD’s. In general, they are there as a guideline for structure but you are welcome to experiment with exercises and stretches that work best for you. The key is just get the blood circulating  and take your body through ranges of motion to loosen up any soreness from the previous days workouts. 30 Mins is good amount of time but feel free to extend it. As we mentioned the intent of these is to give a daily option to aid with recovery/regeneration or as an entry point for de conditioned members or those who are returning from a long hiatus. Either way if your coming to the gym 5-6 days a week definitely experiment with the movement WOD for a couple of those.

Performance & General Fitness
15 Mins to work up to a Heavy Set of 5 Back Squats & Repeat for 2 More Sets. Rest 2+ Mins Between Hard/Heavy Sets.


4 Rounds (16 Mins) *Option for 5th Bonus Round
Min 1: Sled Push 1 Lap
Min 2: Max Double Unders (alt. Airdyne) 
Min 3 & 4: Rest

*Weight should allow you to complete the sled push lap in under 40 Seconds. If it does not..lighten it up please.

Movement WOD
30-40 Mins @60%
Row 40/30 Cals
3 Sun Salutation B’s (Hold Each Position for 3 Breaths)


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