Tuesday 1/17

Jenny has been consistent in her climbing training as of late. Remember as CFCA members you have access to training on the wall. If you questions on how best to do that please ask Jon or come climb with us on Tuesday Nights at 6:30.. you never know it may just become your new passion! 

Gym News:  The Crash B’s Indoor Rowing World Championships are coming up and the last day to register is Friday. If you want to test your 2K in a fun engaging environment & see some of the best (erg) rowers in the world sign up.  http://www.crash-b.org

Performance & General Fitness
3 Rounds 1 Min On /1 Min Off 

  • Sandbag Shoulder to Squat (alternate sides each rep)   
  • Sandbag Drag
  • Standing Sandbag Keg Lift to tire stack.

Goal: Pick a sandbag that is challenging for your current ability and maximize that working Min.


Teams of 4 – 200 Cal Ski Relay (Ascending Pulls starting at 5)

Movement WOD
30 Mins @ 60%
3 Min Row
5 Goblet Squats
6 Plank Ups
7 Ring Rows
Spend 20 Mins of Stretching/Rolling out tight spots

Flat Loop or Easy 3-5 Min Row
5 Mins rolling over tight/painful spots. Go find them!

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