Monday 1/16

Coach Kara doing get-up reps like a boss with the 44# KB (remember to look up Kara!) That reminds me..It was great to see Coach Jaime and Kara both working on low ring muscle-up transitions during “Jason” on Friday… essentially turning that workout into somewhat of a practice session to dial in the skill better. It’s good to take time to do that and that’s really why we have skill/strength circuits “For Quality” where you have the time to try movements that may be a little bit out of your reach. If you take the time to try them well it’s a low probability that you will get them. Right? 

Gym News: Wheres the week???? We decided to get back to our roots a bit and post 1 workout at time like most Crossfit gyms do. The workout for the next day will post at 6PM so you will have a chance to look it over and make plans. I know people hate change but just bear with us as I feel like this change will allow us to be more creative with maximizing each day. Plus it will allow us to post pictures of you guys doing cool stuff and generally keep people more up to date with gym stuff in real time! Not everyone is on FB. So lets roll with it.

Performance & General Fitness
4-5 Rounds (20 Mins)

  • 7-10 KB/DB Seesaw Bench Press (14-20 total)
  • Max Farmer Carry Interior Loop (Heavy)
  • 6-10 Double Ring Ext to 3 Sec Hold (Mod Single Arm Ext)

Goal:  Clean but challenging movements. Rest as needed. 


AMRAP 10 Minutes of:
10 Cal Row
10 Push-Ups (Band or Box Elevated: No Knees) 
10 Toes to Bar or Sit-ups x 2

Goal: Mod to maintain constant movement and limit rest to 10 Seconds

Movement WOD
30 Mins
3 Min Airdyne @60%
2 Rounds
5 Goblet Squats
5 Ring Rows
5 Inchworm to push-up

Couch Stretch 1 Min Per Side
Bar Hang 1 Min
Pec Stretch Off Rig 1 Min Per side


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