Week of 12/19 – 12/25

Does watching the clock on the airdyne intervals make it better or worse?  Sometimes it’s nice to know and other times not so much.

Gym News: We have laid out the carpet in anticipation of snow, slush and salt! Help us keep the gym as clean as possible by wiping your feet extra good and if you are changing out of winter boots please do on the carpet. Thanks!

Holiday Schedule
Please make a note! Sunday classes are cancelled on Christmas and New Years Day…and Monday 12/26 we are running 8:30AM & 5:30PM Only.

  • Saturday 12/24: 9AM Team 
  • Sunday 12/25: Gym Closed
  • Monday 12/26: 8:30AM/5:30PM Only
  • Tuesday 12/27: Back to Reg Schedule
  • Saturday 12/31: 9AM Team
  • Sunday 1/01: Closed

Movement WOD: We have added a “Movement WOD’ to the daily programming in an attempt to give an additional option. This workout will usually be a derivative of the main workout of the day in terms of movements. Who is this workout for?..  you might ask.  Pretty much everyone!  If you are not doing any other “recovery” work (ex. yoga, easy biking, jogging, hiking) aside from taking rest days, try some of these low intensity days to keep your body moving.  If you feel like you need to come to CF everyday from a psychological/routine standpoint, this gives you and option to come to class be social and take some quality time to work through any soreness. Sure the movement WODs are not as exciting as doing a fast paced benchmark but I’m a firm believer in finding a balance. For every hard workout I do I try to match it with an easy one. 1 day hard/ 1 day easy is a great set-up so we just wanted to give an option for the easy so you can best utilize your membership. Beyond that the movement WOD is a great option for those that need to build a better fitness foundation. Anyway the option is there. Experiment on yourself and see how you feel alternating hard/easy days. If you are a hard charger pushing yourself 4/5/6 days a week, you might surprise yourself to see that you feel, perform and even LOOK better (if that is your main motivation) with an even balance of hard and easy days. http://www.8weeksout.com/2011/09/13/high-low-training-mma-fight-magazine/

Monday 12/19 

5 Min Run/Ride or Row

5 Rounds w Light/Empty Bar
5 Deadlifts
5 Presses
5 Back Squats

12 Mins to a Heavy Set of 5 Back Squat
12 Mins to a Heavy Set of 5 Press
12 Mins to a Heavy Set of 5 Deadlift

General Fitness

  • Every 2 Mins for 12 Mins complete 10 Reps Back/Front Squat
  • Every 2 Mins for 12 Mins complete 10 Reps Strict Press
  • Every 2 Mins for 12 Mins complete 10 Reps Deadlift
Ascending or  Static Weight

Max Consecutive Wallballs 20/14 10/9ft

Movement WOD

30 Mins @60% (conversational)
500m Row
10 KB Deadlifts
10 Single Side KB Press (R/L)
10 Goblet Squats
5 Spiderman Stretch w/ twist Per Side

Notes: Strength Day.. Come in and test your 5RM or opt for some volume of the three lifts.

Tuesday 12/20 

WOD Explanation
1 Round of Filthy 50 @warm-up pace


Option 1:  “Filthy Fifty”

50 Box jump 24/20
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings 35/26#
50 Walking Lunge
50 Knees to elbows (make sure reps are legit!)
50 Push press 45/25#
50 Back extensions 25/10#
50 Wall ball 20/14
50 Burpees
50 Double unders
30 Min Cap.

Option 2: 5000M Row or Ski

General Fitness: If doing the “Filthy 50” MOD movements if needed to maintain a steady state of output.
Knees to Elbows > Situps
Burpees> NPU Burpees
Double Unders > Singles

Movement WOD
3 Rounds of 10 Reps of each movement from the Filthy 50 @60% (conversational)

Notes: Benchmark Day! Pick from the 3 Options. If you have a Row/Ski PR set the monitor to projected finish time to pace just a bit faster than your previous best. 

6:00-8:30PM  Community Climbing / Open Gym.  Come Down and Climb!

Wednesday 12/21

WU/ Skill
Dynamic Drills

Performance & General Fitness
3 Rounds
1 Min Ski
1 Min Wall Sit
1 Min Rest
1 Min Sandbag Drags
1 Min Plank Hold
1 Min Rest
1 Min Row
1 Min Rack Hold
1 Min Rest
1 Min Slamball Squat Clean to Throw
1 Min Lock Off on Bar or Rings
1 Min Rest

Movement WOD
3 Rounds
10 Min Row @ 60% (Conversational)
5 Inchworm to Updog to Spiderman to Childs Pose to Down Dog then Push Back to Forward Fold

Notes: Work/Hold/Rest circuit. Always a good mental test on the holds.

Thursday 12/22

3 Rounds
2 Min Row/ Ride/ Ski
10 KB Headcutters
Spiderman Stretch

Performance & General Fitness
“50/20” Squat/ Swing Clean Thrusters/ Strict Pull-ups

You will spend 20 Mins working up to 50 reps of each exercise. Use a weight that is challenging for 5 reps on the Squat/Swing Clean Thrusters. You will match the thruster reps with pull/chin-up reps. Meaning if you do 5 squat clean thrusters you have to do 5 pull-ups before moving on. Pull-ups are at BW or banded if needed. If you get over 50 Reps before the 20 mins is up you will add weight for the next time this workout comes around again. Attention should be paid to getting 50 Perfect Reps not 50 as fast as possible. Keep track of weights and MOD’s so you can retest against it. This isn’t a CFCA benchmark but it is highly trackable to see progression in strength/ strength endurance and that is really motivating. We are going to experiment with a few of these workouts this winter as an unconventional way of doing strength days.

Can use KB’s or MOD to Heavy Headcutter

Movement WOD
30 Mins @ 60% (Conversational)
10 KB Swings
10 Ring Rows
300M Row
5 Inchworm to Up Dogs to Forward Fold

Notes: Similar in layout to Fridays Man Maker Workout. A good challenge with the right weight!

Friday 12/23 


Performance & General Fitness
Teams of 3

8 Mins or 2000M/ 1500M for all Ladies Team
P1: Ski
P2: Goblet Lunge to Skier
P3: Rest

2 Mins Rest

8 Mins or 2000M/ 1500M for all Ladies Team
P1: Row
P2: Sled Push
P3: Rest

2 Mins Rest

8 Mins or 200 Cals / 150 Cals for all Ladies Team
P1: Airdyne
P2: Gimme Gimme
P3: Rest

Notes: Transport WOD!

Movement WOD
3 Rounds
10 Min Row @ 60% (Conversational)
5 Inchworm to Updog to Spiderman to Childs Pose to Down Dog then Push Back to Forward Fold

Saturday 12/24

Coaches Choice

Notes: Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally.

Sunday 12/25

Gym Closed for the Holiday

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