Week of 10/31 – 11/6

Congrats to Kevin, our 2016 Spirit of CFCA Winner!

Gym News:
We will be working on a gym newsletter this week with some schedule updates for the winter months so stay tuned for that! Also we have been experimenting with some Ninja Warrior-ish obstacles and we are going to set them up on Tuesday night if you want to come monkey around! Other than that thanks to all who came out for the 6th Year Party. If your not on Facebook…We crowned the 2016 “Spirit of CFCA” award last night. This award goes out to a member who consistently works hard at CFCA but beyond that, utilizes our training to better their life outside of the gym and just generally thrives at life! We upped the ante for this award for 2016. Not only does the winner get a home made trophy and street cred, they also get a FREE YEAR Membership to CFCA! There were quite a few members in the running for this award which speaks to the amazing individuals we have at CFCA! This year’s winner went to a hardworking guy who embodies the true CFCA spirit in and out of the gym, congrats to OG member Kevin Phoenix! Kevin consistently works hard in the gym with a great attitude and plays very hard outside the gym. Seems he’s literally running a 5-10K race every weekend along with finding the time to play in an over 40 soccer league and raise a high school daughter. If you couldn’t make it last night, be sure to give that fella a high five (everyone at the party already did thanks to his exuberant acceptance-high-five run-by)!

Good Read: Are YOU strong ENOUGH? Great article by Rob Shaul on relative strength standards for Mountain Athletes( but really great standards for the general public or those training GPP). At a certain point getting stronger may take so much effort that your abilities in other areas like work capacity and endurance will suffer.  http://mtntactical.com/fitness/strong-enough-take-mti-relative-strength-assessment/

Check this out. https://ultimatepaleoguide.com/paleo-diet-power-athletes/  We put a print out of this on the bulletin board at the gym. This is a pretty spot on infographic of nutritional amounts based on goals. For those that don’t know…BCAA’s are branch chain amino acids that lots of folks who train in a fasted state say help prevent the body from going catabolic (eating muscle tissue for energy) and still keep you in a fasted (fat burning) state for your workout. The protein numbers are your daily intake in grams as well as overall caloric intake for the day. And the most important is the carb intake…..Ranging from under 50-100 grams per day if you are looking to loose weight to 20-40% of daily caloric load if you are looking to gain muscle and likely some fat along with it.

Monday 10/31

*Note! There will be NO 6:30pm LADIES NIGHT class tonight…
Happy Halloween!

9 Power Snatch 95/65#
9 Burpees
9 Cal AD
Rest 3:00

7 Power Snatch 95/65#
7 Burpees over Bar/Bell
7 Cal Row
Rest 3:00

5 Power Snatch 95/65#
5 Burpee Box Jumps Overs
5 Cal Ski

General Fitness
Option to MOD to Hang Power Snatch or  Single Side Russian Swings, Burpee Box Jump overs to Burpee Step Up & Overs

Want More?
1 Flat Loop Overhead to Rack Carry to Failure then Rest and Repeat. Solo or w/ Partner
RX= 2@53/35# SOLO

Notes: Fast but sustainable pace for the 5 Mins. Rest/ Recover and Repeat.

Tuesday 11/1

Performance & General Fitness
For Completion
600M Run (Flat Loop)
50 Cal Row or Bike
40 Wallball 20/14# 10/9ft
30 Cal Ski
20 Forward Lunges ADV: OH 45/25# Plate
10 Tire Flips
20 Reverse Lunges ADV: OH 45/25# Plate
30 Cal Ski
40 WallBall
50 Cal Bike or Row
600M Run (Reverse Flat Loop)

*30 Min Cap.

Want More?
Nada.. Ledge Stretches with class.

Notes: Work on pacing and never going too hard that you hit the wall. Steady as she goes!

5:30-6:30PM- 15 Min Free Consults/ Skill Sessions with Jon Email to set up a time Jon@crossfitcapeann.com

6:30-9:00PM  Community Bouldering/Open Gym Come Down and Climb! or Learn!
We are setting up some “Ninja Warrior” style obstacles, come down and try them out!

Wednesday 11/2

Performance & General Fitness
25 Mins for Quality (6-8 Rounds)
5-7 Loaded Squats (OH, Front, KBFS, Goblet)
1 Lap Interior Single Side Farmer Carry Heavy (all one side down/other side back)
10 Ring Push-ups ADV: with extension of arm alternating

Want More?
6 x 30 Seconds Fast / 30 Seconds Recovery Pace-  Pick 1 of the following

  • Ski
  • Airdyne
  • Row
  • Shuttle Run

Notes:  Get some work in on a squatting option of your choice. Then take the bait and finish with a few fast intervals again your choice of machine or you are the machine.

Thursday 11/3

Performance & General Fitness
15 Mins to a Heavy set of 5 Strict Press

12 x 200 Muscle-up/ DH Pull-up
AMRAP 12 Mins
200m Run
Max Consecutive Muscle-ups/ DH Pull-ups
When you fail on the MU/PU’s you run again.

Want More? 
Max Consecutive Double Unders…yes again!

Notes:  Benchmark Day. Come test yourself.

Friday 11/4

Performance & General Fitness
Teams of 2 – 12 Rounds
20/12 Cal Row
20 Wallballs
20/12 Cal Ski
*Alternate each exercise with your partner

Want More?
3-5 Rounds NFT
8-12 GHD Sit-ups/ 20 Standard Sit-ups
1 Lap Sandbag Drag

Notes: This looks like a good time! I’m stoked and looking for a partner!

Saturday 11/5

Coaches  Choice….

Notes: Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Sunday 11/6

Class 9AM: Coaches Choice

Open Gym: 10-11AM

Outside the Gym:  Go Do something active for 30-60+ mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace.  A few of these easy sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which will help with both high intensity performance & recovery.

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday) to slow down and prep for next week. Plan Meals, stretch out, meditate? Set yourself up for success cause those that fail to plan are planning to fail.

Recovery Day Suggestion

Have a day/ days your NOT feeling amazing but still want to get to the gym? Grab a machine and pull it around by the bathrooms and do this…

Start with 5 Mins of Foam Rolling

3 Rounds
10-15 Min Easy Row or Ride (provided they are not in use with class)
5 Min Yoga Flow (Hold Position for 3-5 deep breathes)

  • Standing Reach Overhead
  • Forward Fold
  • Inchworm to Down Dog
  • Inchworm to High Plank
  • Up Dog
  • Childs Pose
  • Spiderman Right
  • Pigeon Right
  • Spiderman Left
  • Pigeon Left

Finish with 5 Mins of Foam Rolling

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