Week of 10/10 – 10/16

Mikey Mann back on the consistency train and a good mantra to follow.

Gym News: Remember if you need help with goals/accountability/nutrition etc… I will be at the gym on Tuesday Nights from 5:30-6:30 and will meet with any members for 15 mins to discuss goals, nutritional strategies, sustainable training or do a skill session on a particular movement you want to work on. I may not have all the answers but I have a pretty good idea of what may and may not work for you specifically. If you are interested please email me Jon@crossfitcapeann.com and I’ll set you up with a time slot. These sessions are FREE FYI. Sessions are all open for this week. Let me know if you want them. If you can never make those times from a schedule conflict..email me and I can meet other times too!

Just a heads up the trade with the Gloucester Boxing Club (adjacent to CFCA) is in effect. CFCA members can go there at 6:30PM on Wednesday nights… likewise the boxers will be able to come to CFCA at 6:30PM on Wednesday as well. CFCA members are still welcome to be in the crossfit class but the workout may change a bit from “Weightlifting Wednesday” to more of an interval grind to be similar to the energy systems used in boxing.

Good Read: Crazy article about the new indoor cycling APP called Zwift that pretty much puts you in a real time cycling video game competing against others around the world on the fictitious South Pacific Island of Watopia. Technology is Insane!  https://www.outsideonline.com/2111486/boredom-bikings-biggest-enemy-can-zwift-defeat-it

Monday 10/10

Performance & General Fitness
“Triple 5”

5 Mins Max Strict Pullups
5 Mins Rest
5 Mins Max Double KB Clean& Jerks (53/35#)
5 Mins Rest
5 Min Row for Calories

Can MOD Movements From Pull-ups to Banded or Ring Rows and Double KB C&J to DB Clean & Presses

Want More?
AMRAP 2 Mins of Plank Up/Downs

Notes: “Triple 5” is a benchmark. Keep track of reps and how you MOD the movements. You can squeeze one of our challenges in there with Max Rep DH Pull-ups on the first set of the 5 mins.. Keep track of what you were able to do.

Tuesday 10/11

Performance & General Fitness
3 Round Circuit -1 Min at each station
1. Slamball Clean to Wallball 30/20#
2. Ring Support Hold
3. Rest
4. Goblet Squats 53/35#
5. Wall Sit
6. Rest
7. Scotty Bobs 30/20#
8. DB OH Hold
9. Rest

Want More?
1 Length Inchworm to Up Dog  w/ 3 Squat to Forward Folds
1 Length Spiderman

Notes: This is a work / hold interval style… so push yourself during the work station, then focus on slowing down your breathing during the hold station and recovering during the rest.

5:30-6:30PM- 15 Min Free Consults/ Skill Sessions with Jon Email to set up a time Jon@crossfitcapeann.com

6:30-8:30PM Community Bouldering/Open Gym
Come Down and Climb! or Learn!

Weightlifting Wednesday 10/12

Performance & General Fitness
EMOTM for 16 Mins
3-5 Clean &  Split Jerks (all Singles)

Use the first 8 mins to Ascend in weight.
The last 8 mins should be as heavy as safely possible to sustain the 3 per min.

Teams of 2 – 10 Rounds Per Person or 10 Mins
3 Shuttle Runs

Want More?
Stretch/roll or do a easy 5-10 min jog or row with classmates.

Notes: Work on some Skill/Strength Development with the clean & split jerks then move as fast as possible though the shuttle runs alternating with your partner.

Thursday 10/13

Performance & General Fitness
Teams of 3 – Hypothetical “Conservative” trip to Russell’s Orchard.
You and 2 friends decided to “indulge” and split 2 Cider Donuts three ways.

You have 25 mins as a team of 3 to work off the 450 total calories of the 2 donuts.
P1: Ring Plank Hold
P2: Row (15/20 Cal Intervals)
P3: Rest

*However may Cals shy of the 450 you are at 20 mins….your team must do 1 plate burpee for each.

Want More?
200 Sit-ups with a partner
Pacer: 1 Lap Sandbag Drag

Notes: Good conditioning interval day…Push the row as hard as possible!

Friday 10/14

Performance & General Fitness
30 Mins – Teams of 3:
P1: Working on Reps
P2 Pacer: Big Loop Sled Drag (interior)
P3: Resting

Min 0-10: Max DH Pull-ups or Chin-ups
Min 10-20: Max Push-ups
Min 20-30: Max Double Dumbbell Thrusters

Want More?

Notes: Grind through with your team!

Saturday 10/15

Coaches  Choice!

Notes: Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. The More the Merrier! $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Sunday 10/16

Open Gym: Weather Pending. Check the FB Group for updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1485244585109873/

Outside the Gym Recovery Day?  Do something active for 30-60+ mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace aka “Zone 1”. If you have a heart rate monitor keep the beats right under 180 minus your age. (easier than you think!)  A few of these sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which will help with both high intensity performance & recovery.

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday) to slow down and prep for next week. Plan Meals, stretch out, meditate? Set yourself up for success cause those that fail to plan are planning to fail.

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