Week of 6/27 – 7/3

Congrats to Rick Miles who did the Mt. Snow Tough Mudder a few weeks ago after setting that as a goal and using CFCA as a means to help him get there. Hope everyone had a great and safe fiesta. If you made some less than stellar life/nutritional choices..hey we understand. But don’t be a stranger this week as sometimes Fiesta/4th blend into one long span of poor choices!  Also, Just a heads up we will be closed on Monday July 4th! Enjoy the holiday.

Monday 6/27

Performance & General Fitness
20 Min AMRAP
20 KB Swings 53,35#
15 Wallballs 20/14#
10 Push Press 95/65#
400M Run
1 Min Off


10 Laps Not For Time
Sandbag Drag Alternating with a partner (5 Laps Each)

Notes: On Part 1, do all the elements as fast as possible (unbroken) with no transition time between exercises. MOD as needed to facilitate that. Keep track of your Round splits with the intention of keeping them consistent. Take the min to recover and then restart the next round. On Part 2, grind through it alternating with a partner. This is not a relay race so focus on heavier sandbags and putting your all into each pull.

Tuesday 6/28

Performance & General Fitnes
30 Min AMRAP With a Partner
P1: Pacer Runs the Hill Loop or 1000m Row
P2: AMRAP  2 Big Lap Heavy Farmer Carry, 4 Tire Flips, 6 Toes to Bar or 10 Situps

Notes:  Good partner grind. Take over wherever your partner left off and shoot for at least 15 rounds as a team in 30 mins.

6:30PM Community Bouldering/Open Gym
Come Down and Climb! or Learn!

Optional Post Bouldering Circuit 3 Rounds NFT
Max Rep weighted chin-up
Max Rep Extention to Fly
1 Ascent Bachar Ladder
Max Rep Ring Dips

Weightlifting Wednesday 6/29

30 Mins 10-1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk
*Ascend in weight as you descend in Reps

General Fitness
30 Mins 10-1 For Quality
KB Headcutter (Deliberate 1/1 thousand pause at bottom of squat and overhead hold)
Push-ups (Deliberate 1/1 thousand pause at bottom position and lockout)

Notes: Take the time today to work on skill development/strength of one of the more technical movements. Performance folks should treat each rep as a single lift especially as it gets heavy.

Thursday 6/30

Performance & General Fitness
10 Mins Groups of  3 – Station Circuit
P1 Pacer: Seated Heavy Rope Pull
P2: Side Plank
P3: Rest


4 Rounds of:
As Many Reps As Possible In 1 minute of
DB/KB Snatch (AHASP alternate sides as needed)
Row (Cals)
Burpee Box Jumps/ Overs
Ski (Cals)
Rest 1 Minute

Notes: On Part 1, you will reel in the heavy rope pull then walk the butt end over to another member of your group. Upon the hand off, you will get behind that person and hold side plank until they have completed their rope pull. Again this is NOT a relay. Make the pull challenging for YOU!  On Part 2 you move from each of the four stations after a minute.  The clock does not reset or stop between exercises but we will give you a 10 second warning before transitioning between exercises Keep track of reps and tally for total.

6:30PM CKC- Climbing/ Kettlebell/ Core
5 Rounds at Your Own Pace
Max Effort Double KB Swing Clean Thrusters
Max Effort Endurance Climbing on the 20/40 Degree walls
Max Effort Double KB Swing Clean Thrusters (yes again)
Max Swiss Ball Plank Hold
Rest as needed between rounds

No climbing experience or equipment required. Come Check it out.

Friday 7/1

Performance & General Fitness
15 Mins  Alternating with a Partner
4 Sandbag Get Ups (AHASP to do Unbroken)
4 Renegade Man Makers (AHASP to do Unbroken)
4 Sandbag Zercher Squats


Teams of 3 – 15 Mins
10 Slamballs 30/20#
Sled Push 1 Length

Notes: On Part 1 alternate efforts with a partner so if P1 does 4 Get-ups, P2 does 4 RGMM then P1 does 4 tire flips etc. Get ups can be alternated on each side every round you do them. Part 2, make it a hard interval. 10 unbroken slamballs, then throw the slamball in the sled and push it with no transition time to your partner waiting on the other side. 

Saturday 7/2

Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. $5 for all non members which is donated locally. Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Notes: Coach Scotty’s Choice!

Sunday 7/3

Suggested Easy Recovery Day?  Do something active for 30-60-90 mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace aka “Zone 1”. If you have a heart rate monitor keep the beats right under 180 minus your age. So for me 180-38 = 142BPM.  A few of these sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which will help with performance & recovery.

Nutrition Preparation: We are here to help with tricks, tips and suggestions – Just reach out!

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday)  to slow down and prep for next week.

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