Week of 4/18 – 4/24

A couple shots of Johnna & Dr. Mike working through the burpee pull-ups of Friday’s ladder.

Again: Just a heads up that  our twins will likely be born this week!!! Eeek.  We are doing our best to make sure all classes will be running as we make the transition with the growing family. If there are cancellations due to lack of coverage please check the Facebook group and website for real time updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1485244585109873/  Thanks!

Monday 4/18

Challenge Day 1: 22 Perfect Push-ups
We were nominated for the ‪#‎22kill‬ challenge by Ken Lawler. ‪#‎22pushups‬ a day for ‪#‎22days‬ to raise awareness for the 22 men and women of the arms services that commit suicide EACH DAY in this country. We will complete the 22 reps daily to honor those that have taken their own lives as a result of the likely horrific things they have been exposed to in war.

Performance &
General Fitness
20 minutes For QUALITY!
2-3 Heavy Turkish Get-up per side
Max Set Single Arm Ring Rows
*manage rest effectively to make sure efforts are clean.

8 Round Relay with partner
15 Cals Ski
15 Cal  Row
3 Shuttle Runs

Alternate each effort with a partner meaning if P1 Skis P2 Rows then P1 Shuttle Runs etc.

Notes: Get some quality skill development done and then move fast on the relay.

Tuesday 4/19

Challenge Day 2: 22 Perfect Push-ups

Performance & General Fitness

6  Rounds of 30 seconds on /30 seconds off  for each exercise
Double Unders or Shuttle runs
Dynamic Step Ups
Sandbag Drag
Renegade Man Makers
2 Mins off between


Flat Loop Rack Carry with a Partner

Notes: You will do all 6 intervals of one exercise before moving to the next.  Keep intensity level high for the 30 seconds of work knowing that you have the 30 seconds of rest. Earn that rest!

6:30 Community Bouldering/Open Gym

60-90 Mins to Work on Boulder Problems


Optional 3-5 Round Circuit Not for Time (take 20+ mins to complete)
Max Effort Pull-ups (with weight if possible)
Max Rep KB Thruster
Max Rep Single Arm Ring Row (both Sides)
Max GHD Sit-ups to Swiss Ball Plank

Wednesday 4/20

Challenge Day 3: 22 Perfect Push-ups

EMOM 16 Mins
Evens: 5-7 Squat Clean Thruster (Bar or Double KB’s)
Odds:  Rest

General Fitness
EMOM 16 Mins
Evens: Max Consecutive Heavy KB Headcutters
Odds: Rest or Optional 30 Second Plank Hold


Big Boy “Hell Track”  Alternate Sprint efforts with a partner
1st Telephone Pole and back
2nd TP
3rd TP
4th TP
3rd TP
2nd TP
1st TP

Notes: Look out for traffic on the hell track!

Thursday 4/21

Challenge Day 4: 22 Perfect Push-ups

Performance & General Fitness
12 Min Ascending Ladder for Quality 1-?
DH Pull-up (Weighted if possible)
KB Bench Press


2 Rounds With  A Partner
P1: In 2 mins Complete 10 Slamballs then Ski the remainder for Max Cals
P2: Rest
2 mins off While Partner Goes

2 Rounds
P1: In 2 mins Complete 15 Goblet Squats then Row the remainder for Max Cals
P2: Rest
2 Mins off While Partner Goes

2 Rounds
P1: 20 KB Swings (heavy) then  2 minutes of Burpees for Max Reps
P2: Rest
2 Mins off While Partner Goes

Notes: Keep track of Cals/Reps on Part 2.

Friday 4/22

Challenge Day 5: 22 Perfect Push-ups

Performance & General Fitness
Diggity Dice Roll: 25 Min Amrap with Partner

1. 1000M Row – Pacer: 20 Slamballs
2. 60 Burpee Pull-ups– Pacer: 7 Plate Burpees
3. 100 Ring Push-ups – Pacer: 1 Lap Gimme Gimme
4. 75 KB Headcutters – Pacer: 2nd Telephone Pole Run
5. Flat Loop Rack Carry – Pacer: Flat Loop Farmer Carry
6. 1000M Ski – Pacer – 3 Shuttle Runs
7. 200 Sit-ups – Pacer 1 Lap Sandbag Drag
8. Your Choice

Notes:  With a 25 min Clock, you and your partner will try to complete as much work as possible. Roll the dice to see what you are doing. Once you have completed that objective roll again etc.. until 30 mins has elapsed. Good base building day. Just get some volume done.

Saturday 4/23

Challenge Day 6: 22 Perfect Push-ups
Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger. $5 for all non members which is donated locally.
Help us grow the best most supportive community on Cape Ann!

Sunday 4/24


WOD Suggestion: Make up a WOD you missed from the week or ask a coach for direction.

OTG Endurance Day?  Do something active for 60-90 mins at at moderate pace preferably with friends or family. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace. A few of these sessions per week can really enhance your cardiovascular base which will help with performance & recovery for your harder days at CF.  Seriously BRO!

Nutrition Preparation: We are here to help – just reach out!  https://crossfitcapeann.com/nutritional-coaching/

Mental Restoration: Carve a little time today (but really everyday)  to slow down and prep for next week.

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