Week of 11/9 – 11/15

A couple of action shots from last Wednesday’s obstacle course intervals. Great effort by all who came to that class!

Monday 11/9

8  minsTeams of 3-4
Gimme Gimme / WallBall / Rest

Power/ Squat Snatch Review then

6-1 w PVC/empty Bar
Power or Squat Snatch
PVC Dislcocate

21-15- 9
Squat Snatch 95/65#
Burpee Pull-ups
200m Run

General Fitness
Amrap 15 mins
10 Power Snatches or Dumbell Snatches
10 Burpee Pull-ups
200m Run

Teams of 3 Core Circuit 30/30/30 x 6 mins
Leg throwdowns
Ring Plank ADV: with alternating Arm Extensions
Rest = leg thrower

Notes:  Good Times!

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Tuesday 11/10

2 Flat loops

Performance & General Fitness
Ascend/Descend  40 Min Cap.
1 Length Sandbag Clean Toss & Broad Jump (AHASP)
20 Double Unders or 40 Singles
300m Ski
400m Run
500m Row
6 Laps Gimme Gimme

Notes:  Come in and get some cardiovascular work done. Remember on these you work your way up to a new exercise then work your way back down to the 1 length sandbag clean toss and broad jump before ascending again..

Open Gym & Climbing Class @6:30-8PM

1.  Med Ball Warm-up & Yoga Flow
2. 45 Min Route Projecting
3. Optional 4-5 Rounds NFT – 3 Weighted Negatives or Pull-ups & Max Ring Dips & 1 Lap Dumbell Bearcrawl

Veterans Day 11/11

5 min Run, Row or Ski
5 Min Dynamic
5 Mins to warm up Clean & Jerks and set up

30 Clean & Jerks
1 Mile Run (Hill Loop to Flat loop)
10 Rope Climbs
1 mile Run
100 Burpees

RX: 135/95# C&J

General Fitness
“Mini Glen”
20 Ground to Overhead w/ Sandbag
Hill loop or 1000 m Row
6 Rope Climbs or 20 Pull-ups
Hill Loop or 1000m row
60 Burpees or NPU Burpees

Notes: In Honor of Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 12, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.  *Glen came and did a WOD with us at our old location on Parker St. while he was visiting friends and family in the area.

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Thursday 11/12

2 Rounds or 10 mins
400m Run
5 Pull-ups/RR
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
30 Second Plank Hold

Performance & General Fitness
3 Rounds 1 Min Work followed by 1 Min Hold followed by 1 Min Rest
Station 1: Ab Rollouts or DB Bear Crawl – Hollow Hold – Rest
Station 2: Ring Dips – Ring Support Hold – Rest   ADV: Muscle-ups or Muscle up to ring dips
Station 3: Sandbag Shoulder to Squat (Alternating sides) – Wall Sit – Rest

Notes: Kind of a good all around day. Make the stations challenging for your current ability.

6:30-8PM  Climbing/ Bouldering
1. 5 Min Med Ball Warm-up 5 min Coach Led Yoga Flow

2. Spend 40 mins working on 1-3 boulder problems that are just beyond your current ability level (aka “Project”) We will help you find a project if you don’t yet have one.

3. 4-5 Rounds NFT Bachar Ladder Ascent, 1 Lap DB Bear Crawl.

Friday 11/13

5 min Run, Row or Ski
Burpee Basketball
5 Min Run, Row or Ski

Performance & General Fitness
Amrap 3 mins
3 Muscle ups or DH Pull-ups’s
30 Double Unders or Singles
3 mins off

Amrap 4 mins
4 KB/DB Snatches or Single Arm Swings Per side (AHASP)
4 Shuttle Runs
4 mins off

Amrap 5 mins
5 Dumbell Burpees
5 Cal Ski
5 Mins off


4 x 30/30/30/30 Mtn Climbers/ Slamballs/ Sit-ups/ Rest

Notes:  Try to recover between each section and hit them with sufficient intensity!

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Saturday 11/14

$5 Community Team WOD. We’ve had some awesome folks show up and join us for our Community workout. Remember no previous Crossfit experience required – All are welcome!

Sunday 11/15

Open Gym: Come down and work on some skills, redo a WOD you missed from the week.

Nutrition Preparation: We are here to help! https://crossfitcapeann.com/nutritional-coaching/

Mental Restoration: Seasons are changing, get out in the woods and enjoy the local scenery.

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