Week of 10/26 – 11/1

Vincenzo & Christine in the zone from Saturday’s grind.

Been Awesome to see the motivation to do the extra work from this past weeks row/ski challenge! Team Mountain Goats surpassed the 35k meters to hit 111,900 meters. Getting in a bunch of low intensity cardiovascular work like that pays dividends on weight management, cardio respiratory efficiency, capillary density and mental health. Having a big cardiovascular base will allow you to recover way better than not. Here is a great article to that effect.. http://www.8weeksout.com/2011/09/13/high-low-training-mma-fight-magazine/

Monday 10/19

6 Min Gimme Relay (Teams of 3-4 -1 Lap)
5 Min Med Ball Drills

Performance & Fitness
20 Mins for Quality
10-1 Bench Press (Bar or KB) > Hard Push-up Variation
1-10 Weighted pull-up > BW/ Banded DH Pull-up > Hard Ring Row


20 Min Amrap With a Partner
Max Renegade Man Makers (w Squat)
Pacer: 400m Run

Notes:  Pt.1 Pick a weight/MOD that is challenging for your current ability level and stick with it for the duration of the 20 Mins. Pt 2. Partner up with someone doing the same #DB and see what you can accomplish as a team in 20 mins. Go heavier on the Ren Man Makers than you think!

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Tuesday 10/20

10 min Group Tabata Call Out

Performance & Fitness
Teams of 3 – 10 Rounds P/P
Sled Push Down
Heavy Gimme Gimme Back


Teams of 3 -150 Cal Ski
P1: Ski
P2: Paces with 1 Lap DB Bear Crawl (AHASP)
P3: Rest

Notes: Good all around base building day. Giddy Up!

Open Gym & Climbing Class @6:30-8PM

1.  Med Ball Warm-up & Yoga Flow
2. 45 Min Route Projecting
3. 4 Rounds NFT – Max Weighted or L-Pull-ups & Max Ring Dips & Ring Plank Extension

Stretch to Cooldown

Wednesday 10/21

Junk Yard Dog
Hang Power/Squat Clean Review and Warm-up

3 Hang Squat Cleans

General Fitness
3-5 Hang Power Cleans to Front Squat


7 Rounds
7  Clean & Jerks 135/95# or w/ KB 53/35#
40 Double Unders or 4 Shuttle Runs (AFAP)
*1 Minute off between Rounds

Can MOD C& J to KB Headcutter

Notes: Warm up to moderately heavy weight for the cleans and stick with that weight for the duration of the EMOM.  On Pt. 2 mod weight if you need to to do the 7 Reps unbroken. Focus on fast transitions between exercises and recover as best you can during the minute off.

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Thursday 10/22

1 Mile Run or Casual 10 Min Row or Ski

Performance & Fitness

1 Length Sandbag Drag 100/70#
2 Tire Flips RX: Super Heavy/Heavy
30 Second Plank RX: on Rings
400 M Run, Row, Ski RX: Ski Only
5 KB Headcutters RX:70/53#
6 Sandbag Get-ups RX: 70/40#
7 Farmer Carry walking lunge per side RX: 35/26#

Notes: Stamina day. Just turn your brain off and move through the workout at a brisk but not frantic pace. On a scale of 10…. A 7 rate of perceived exertion.

6:30-8PM  Climbing/ Bouldering
1. 5 Min Med Ball Warm-up 5 min Coach Led Yoga Flow

2. Spend 40 mins working on 1-3 boulder problems that are just beyond your current ability level (aka “Project”) We will help you find a project if you don’t yet have one.

3. 4 Rounds NFT (15 mins)
1 Max Set Dragon Flags
1 Ascent of Bachar Ladder or Max Weighted Pull-ups
1 Set of Max Ring Dips

Friday 10/23

Burpee Basketball


Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell swings 70/52#

*In honor or Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy (SEAL) from Durham, NH who was killed  February 4th 2008 during combat operations in Iraq.

General Fitness
Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
4 Abmat HSPU > 2 Wallwalks > 1 Wallwalk > High Plank to failure
4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups > DH > Banded
8 Kettlebell Swings Heavy for you


Double Hill Loop for time

Notes:  If you are working on Muscle ups but may not be able to get the high volume you could give yourself 30 seconds per round to get the 2. Likewise if you haven’t gotten the MU yet but are close and having issues with the skill side you can do 3 banded transitions to press out (ring dip)

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Saturday 10/24

Show Up In Costume!!!!! $5 Community Team WOD. We’ve had some awesome folks show up and join us for our Community workout. Remember no previous Crossfit experience required – All are welcome!

Sunday 10/25

Open Gym: Come down and work on some skills, redo a WOD you missed from the week.

Nutrition Preparation: We are here to help! https://crossfitcapeann.com/nutritional-coaching/

Mental Restoration: Seasons are changing, get out in the woods and enjoy the local scenery.

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