Week of 9/28 – 10/4

Mikey Mann pulling heavy sleds a couple weeks ago.

Reminder you have a week to finish the challenge paperwork and do your respective “Test” workouts. If you can’t make a the days the workouts are scheduled – keep in mind we will have an open gym tomorrow (Sunday 9/27) at 9AM and again on Tuesday at 6:30-8PM. Coaches will also allow some leeway too if you need to do the test workout instead of the planned workout of the day, just be sure to ask ahead of time. **Strength folks would want to hit Wednesday, Conditioning folks would want to hit Wednesday & Friday, and Body Composition folks would want to come Friday.

Also, the switch from the the Crossfit Cape Ann-ers Facebook group to the new CFCA’ers group seems to be going smoothly. If for some reason you did not get the invite…. “friend” u here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009897138920 and will add you too the group. Thanks!

And finally, we are really looking forward to this challenge and the camaraderie of the team structure. Remember- it’s all about the journey! First and foremost, enjoy working on your goals over the next 10 weeks! Try new things, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Most of all though, do your best to be consistent but keep in mind – no one is perfect, and we all will have setbacks along the way. Remember to be supportive of your teammates & coaches (they are participating too!) and they in turn will support and help motivate you!

Monday 9/28

400m Run, Row, Ski
Junkyard Dog
400m Run, Row, Ski


Every 2 Mins for 18 Mins “Unbroken”
6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
6 Shoulder to OH


Every 2 Mins for 18 Mins
Min 1: Max Renegade Man Makers with a Squat after the clean
Min 2: Rest


AMRAP 8 Mins
200m Run
Max Consecitive Double Unders or 1 Length of the gym Burpee Broad Jump

Notes:  Solid day!

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Tuesday 9/29

*8:30AM Class is Cancelled today!


Performance & Fitness

Partner Chipper for Completion: (1 Works / 1 Rests [or active rests])
10 Laps Heavy Gimme Gimme (optional Slosh Pipe hold for rester)
1000 M Row (optional Plank Hold for rester)
10 Laps Dumbell Bear Crawl (optional Wall Sit for rester)
1000 m Ski (optional Hollow Hold for rester)
10 Laps Farmer Carry (optional Sandbag Zercher Hold for rester)
Hill Loop (together)

Notes: Partition the work as you see fit with your partner. Most straightforward version would be to alternate laps and 200m efforts on the cardiovascular.

Climbing Class @6:30-8PM

1… 5 Min Med Ball Warm-up

2… 20 Mins of Open Bouldering

3… 6 Rounds:
1 Min on the Wall (Alternate Between Steep & 20 Degree)
1 Min of Max Deadhang Fat Bar Pull-ups
1 Min of Max Ring Dips or Ring Push-ups
1 Min of Hollow Rocks
1 Min off

4. 3 x Max Distance Plate Pinch Walk. Alternate with Partner. 45/25#

Stretch to Cooldown

Wednesday 9/30

5 Min Tabata Call Out
Flat Loop for Conditioning folks

Performance& Fitness

Pick 1 of the Following:

1. Fall Classic “Strength” Test
Spend 12 Mins Establishing a 3RM in each of the following lifts:

  • Back Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Strict Pull-up

2. Fall Classic “Conditioning” Test Pt.1
Row or Ski 5K as fast as possible

Notes: These are a few of the workouts for the challenge. With the strength test you can do the lifts in any rotation you want, just make sure to keep track and retest in the same order at the end of the challenge.

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Thursday 10/1

Hill Loop or 1000M Row or Ski
5 Min Foam Roll or Free Stretch

Performance & Fitness

“Dice Roll” 30 Min Amrap with Partner

1. 1000M Row – Pacer: 20 Slamballs
2. 60 Burpee Pull-ups– Pacer: 7 Plate Burpees
3. 100 Ring Push-ups – Pacer: 1 Lap Gimme Gimme
4. 75 KB Headcutters – Pacer: 2nd Telephone Pole Run
5. Hill Loop Together
6. 1000M Ski – Pacer – 3 Shuttle Runs
7. 200 Sit-ups – Pacer 1 length Sandbag Drag
8. Your Choice

Notes:  With a 30 min Clock, you and your partner will try to complete as much work as possible. Roll the dice to see what you are doing. Once you have completed that objective roll again etc.. until 30 mins has elapsed. Good base building day. Just get some volume done.

Group Stretch

Climbing/ Bouldering @ 6:30-8PM

1. 5 Min Med Ball Warm-up 5 min Coach Led Yoga Flow

2. Spend 10 mins Warming up on boulder problems well within your current ability even if its just climbing “any holds”

3. Spend 30 mins working on 1-3 boulder problems that are just beyond your current ability level (aka “Project”) We will help you find a project if you don’t yet have one.

4. 5 Rounds NFT (15 mins)
1 Max Set Dragon Flags or GHD Situps
1 Ascent of Bachar Ladder or Legless Rope Climb
2 Lengths Dumbell Bear Crawl

Rest as needed between exercises to maintain solid output.

Friday 10/2

400M Run
5 Min Med Ball Drills
400M Run

Performance & Fitness

Pick 1 of the following:

1. Fall Classic “Conditioning” Test Pt. 2
2K Row or Ski as fast as possible

2. Fall Classic “Body Comp” Test
12 min AMRAP
200M Run
Max Rep DH pull-ups

*when you fail on the bar, run again and repeat. Score is sum of pull-up reps.

15 Mins with a Partner
Min 0-5: OH Carry the Big Loop (inside the gym)
Min 5-10: Rack Carry the Big Loop
Min 10-15: Farmer Carry Carry the Big Loop

* 3 Burpees for each when bells are traded between partners

Notes: Get the serious work done first then a little strength endurance carry challenge.

Recovery/ Extra: 30-60+ Min Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Row, Swim, Paddle or Bike under 70% max heart rate

Saturday 10/3

$5 Community Team WOD – bring a friend, bring a stranger!

Sunday 10/4

OTG Endurance Day: Make time to do something active for 60-90 mins at at moderate pace. (hike, jog, paddle, row, bike etc.) What you do matters less than just doing the duration at a conversational pace.

Nutrition Preparation: We are here to help! https://crossfitcapeann.com/nutritional-coaching/

Mental Restoration: Weather is beautiful, be sure to take some deep breaths of fresh air this week.

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