CFCA Fall Classic… more Details Details

Attention Fall Classic Challengers !! First day of the challenge is THIS SATURDAY MORNING!! We’ll be announcing teams, giving out worksheets, and posting the WODs for the week a little early for you so you can plan ahead… So a little more info below for what this means for you…

Step 1…
As of Saturday you’ll be able to pick up your ‘challenge worksheet’ (shown above) with the required info to fill out based on your chosen category. No need to be there this Saturday in the flesh if you can’t make it (although coach Mel & Curtis will be on the scene so should be a fun one!), you just need to pick up your sheet first chance and get it competed by the next Saturday (10/3). **Also you must pay the $20 cash by then too – thanks !!

Step 2….
Read the entire worksheet first! Then go back and complete. For some, this involves taking their photos, measuring themselves, and doing the challenge workouts/lifts. The WOD’s have been posted for next week so you’ll be able to complete them in class then, or you can come in during Open Gym times (this Sunday morning 9am  & Tuesday night  6:30pm)!

Step 3…
Your worksheet must be filled out completely & turned into your team’s binder on the desk within 1 week time (by 10/3)!

Step 4…
Let the challenge begin. Again, first and foremost, ‘enjoy’ working on your goals over the next 10 weeks :) Try new things, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Most of all though, do your best to be consistent but keep in mind – no one is perfect, and we all will have setbacks along the way.  Remember to be supportive of your teammates & coaches (they are participating too!) and they in turn will support and help motivate you! Oh, and there will be some mini challenges for your team during the 10 weeks that if completed you can earn bonus points to help with the final scoring so stay tuned for those! Over the course of the challenge there will be added Open Gym times too so stay tuned on the CFCA’rs FB group or talk to your team coaches to stay up to date! Let’s have some fun !

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