CFCA Fall Classic

It’s been a go long go this summer… but the seasons are changing and a new gym challenge is upon us to help reel things back in! It’ll be our first ever, coach drafted, team style challenge… the CFCA Fall Classic. What, you didn’t notice the florescent pink and green sign up poster at the gym?? :) This challenge is unique in that it’s not just about weight loss! We’ll have categories for changes in Body Composition, Strength Gain, and Improved Conditioning. Each participant will enter the challenge by signing up in 1 category they’d like to focus on for the next 10 weeks. The coaches have been teamed up, a top secret draft will be taking place, and you’ll then find yourself assigned to one of their teams. The winners of each category will get a free month’s membership, and the overall team winner will be going home with the big purse to split or spend as they see fit! The Challenge will run from Sept 26th – Dec 5th. Buy in is $20 cash, and due on signup!  LAST DAY TO SIGN UP IS WEDNESDAY, SEPT 23rd!

The Categories…
Body Composition: Muscle weighs more than fat – so rather than focusing on a weightloss #, let’s focus on positive changes in our physique & capability! This category will mostly be determined by photos & measurement improvements but there will also be a short workout involved that will weigh in as well. Don’t worry your photos will not be made public! Only coaches will be seeing the before & afters for judging purposes.

Strength: Plain and simple, this category is for those looking to get stronger! The winner will be determined by the greatest strength to weight ratio increase. Before & after weight will be taken as well as some lifting. These include: 3 Rep Max Deadlift, 3 Rep Max Pullup, 3 Rep Max Back Squat, and 3 Rep Max Bench Press.

Conditioning: Want to improve your overall cardio abilities? Maybe actually be able to enjoy some casual conversation while running the hill loop? The winner of this category will be determined by the greatest % increase on their 2K, and 5K Row or Ski times (your choice!).

The Details Details Details…
First Day of Challenge (Saturday 9/26):
All participants will be given a sheet of paper with the required info to fill out based on their chosen category. For some this involves taking their photos, measuring themselves, and doing the challenge workouts/lifts. We will be programming the WODs this week at the gym so you’ll be able to do them then, or you can come in during Open Gym times (Sunday morning & Tuesday night). This sheet must be completely & turn into the binder on the desk within 1 week time!

During the Challenge:
Remember- it’s all about the journey! First and foremost, enjoy working on your goals over the next 10 weeks! Try new things, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Most of all though, do your best to be consistent but keep in mind – no one is perfect, and we all will have setbacks along the way. Remember to be supportive of your teammates & coaches (they are participating too!) and they in turn will support and help motivate you! Oh, and there will be some mini challenges for your team during the 10 weeks that if completed you can earn bonus points to help with the final scoring so stay tuned for those!

Last Day of Challenge (Saturday 12/5):
You’ll grab your sheet from the beginning of the challenge out of the binder & retest/measure/ take pics… etc. You’ll have 1 week to turn in your paper with the new stats. LAST DAY TO TURN IN SHEET IS FRIDAY 12/12.

Winners announced at an Awards ceremony to follow.
Location & time TBD!

So that’s all for now, we’re looking forward to this one! Let us know if you have any questions!

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