Week of 6/15 – 6/21

Just a reminder we are running our “Surf Class” Thursday at 6:45pm.  Come learn some of the ins & outs of surfing. We will discuss equipment (what you need, what you don’t) general etiquette, favorable wind/wave conditions, good beginner spots in the area and most importantly all the lingo that goes along with it brah. Should be a good time. Bring beach chairs and possibly a beverage or two. Also if you are looking for a used board or equipment you may want to check out the surf swap at Twin Lights Glassing on Sunday. (see pic above for details) and… if your looking for new gear, Surfari should be opening up this week in the old Gloucester Music space.  Giddy Up!


Monday 6/15

Every third minute for 15 minutes:
1 Lap Sled Push (AHAP)


4 Rounds of 3 min AMRAP:
5 Kipping Pull-ups ADV: chest to bar MOD: Jumping Pull-ups
10 Box Jumps (20in)
15 Kettlebell Swings ADV: KB Snatch 53/35#

*Rest 1 minute between rounds

MOD elements as needed to maintain speediness

Notes: Sled Pushes should be heavy but doable within a minute time frame, so you can rest for the remainder of the 2 minutes. If you’re antsy – pick a tight spot and mobilize during your rest. On Part 2, pick modifications that can done well at a higher intensity.

Recovery/ Extra: Come in and row 5K broken up in 1K chunks with stretching your tight spots for 3 mins in between those chunks.

Tuesday 6/16

500m Ski or Row for Time


3 Rounds or 30 minutes for Quality (aka not for time!)
400m Carry (OH then Rack Hold then Plate Pinch 25/15#) No running on the carries please!
Hill Loop or Mini Hill (right on Forest st.)

Notes: Excited to see what folks can do all out on this short benchmark! Then for the long haul… Pick the carrying weights that are challenging for you! Setting them down over the course of the 400m should be the norm but you should still be able to maintain solid position (not slumped over) despite the weight. If you have poor shoulder mobility then do a combo OH/Rack on one side and the next round do that combo on the opposite side. The run is your active recovery. May want to bring an iPod or a workout buddy for this one cause you’re in the gym time will be all of about 10 seconds per round.

Recovery/ Extra: Yoga at CFCA

Wednesday 6/17

10 Rounds (25min cap):
5 Squat Clean Thrusters or Double KB Swing Clean Thrusters (AHASP)
30 Double Unders
Rest 1 Min between Rounds.

25 Minute AMRAP:
5 KB Headcutters (AHASP)
150m Run or Row (AFAP)
Rest 1 Min between Rounds.

The Bear Challenge: 6 x 30/30 Bear Crawl/Plank… Goal is not to put your knees down entire time!

Notes: Looks fun eh? Take the extra second to keep the thrusters clean and go all out on the cardiovascular portion.

Recovery/ Extra: Come try climbing! Awesome crew of boulderers growing by the week.

Thursday 6/18

3 Rounds for Max Quality Reps of:
1 Min Sandbag Drag
Rest 1 Min
1 Min of Squats ADV: Sandbag Zercher
Rest 1 Min
1 Min of Strict Pull-Ups & Chin-ups or Ring Rows
Rest 1 Min
1 Min of Push-Ups (focus on good ROM)
Rest 1 Min


Teams of 3 – 150 Calorie Biathlon
5/10 Cal Ski Sprint
3 Shuttle Sprints

*Back to back efforts so… Partner 1 works while Partner 2 & 3 rest. Partner 2 starts once Partner 1 finishes last shuttle sprint.

Notes: Good all around base building day

6:45pm SURF CLASS is on! 

Friday 6/19

Lumberjack 20ish *35 minute cap
20 Deadlifts (275/185#)
400 Meter Run
20 Kettlebell swings (70/53#)
400 Meter Run
20 Overhead Squats (115/80#)
400 Meter Run
20 Burpees
400 Meter Run
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (kipping ok)
400 Meter Run
20 Box jumps (24″)
400 Meter Run
20 Squat Cleans (95, 65#)
400 Meter Run

Foundational *30 minute cap
15 KB Deadlifts
200-400 Meter Run
15 Kettlebell Swings
200-400 Meter Run
15 Goblet Squats
200-400 Meter Run
15 Burpees
200-400 Meter Run
15 Pull-ups
200-400 Meter Run
15 Box Jumps or Step-ups
200-400 Meter Run
15 KB Headcutters
200-400 Meter Run

Notes: FYI… you get one barbell and are your own pit crew when you need to exchange weights for other movements so transition fast. MOD the weight as needed on the barbell movements. Foundational folks should discuss with the coach an appropriate running (rowing or skiing) distance for you.

Recovery/Extra Go for a 30-60 min Swim / Row / Ski / Bike / Paddle or 100 TGU’s

Saturday 6/20

Team WOD… Coach’s Choice!

Sunday 6/21

Open Gym  Great time to work on skills you have an interest in but don’t feel like you have the chance to work on during class time…. Or come do some recovery work with an easy 5K row and some light turkish get-ups.

Nutrition Preparation Remember CFCA members get a 10% discount on all items at the local Seaview Farm in Rockport (ask us for your card!) Fuel your efforts & extracurricular activities for the week with real food and stay hydrated! Oh and the Cape Ann Farmer’s market has started too in town on Thursdays through the end of the summer.

Mental Restoration Engage in activities that help you recharge your batteries or go try something new.

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