Week of 6/8 – 6/14

Dom on Monday’s 12/200 Push Press.

Found this great podcast on programming for Crossfit with Kenny Kane of CFLA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvp5Embi2mU (skip to 42:00)  I must say it’s encouraging to see some progressive gyms shifting to a more sustainable long term approach to health and fitness that is not steered astray by training for Crossfit competitions. For some, the initial draw of excitement and intensity can have a short shelf life either with burnout or injury. Replace that with a focus on challenging skill/strength work for YOUR current ability… built over a solid conditioning base and most importantly a foundation of good nutrition, sleep and stress management and you should be good to go for the long haul.

Monday 6/8

8 x 3 Front Squats (20 Mins)
Ascend in weight for the first 4 sets then straight across for the last 4.
Between each set do 30 second Ring Support, tuck or L-hold

*KB Alternative 8 x 5 Goblet or Double KB Front Squat (AHASP)


10-1 Descending ladder of: Deadlifts 225/135# (Mod as needed) Wallballs 20/14# 10/9ft

Foundational: Mod Deadlifts to KB Swings. 10 min Cap.

Challenge: 5 mins to demonstrate your max length handstand walk > freestanding handstand > handstand hold.

Notes: Get in the ‘Handstand Club’ if you can walk from the first to third pole or max out your freestanding handstand hold -it’s our new benchmark standard!

Recovery/ Extra: Come in and row 5K broken up in 1K chunks with stretching your tight spots for 3 mins in between those chunks.

Tuesday 6/9

20 minutes (5 rounds):
Min 1: 1 Lap Sandbag Drag
Min 2: 14- 20 total reps of Seated KB See-Saw Shoulder Press
Min 3: 1 Rope Climb
Min 4: Rest


2 Rounds:
2 Min Ski for Max Cals
2 Min Rest
2 Min of Max Slamballs
2 Min Rest

Notes:  Lots of pulling and indirect core work today.

Recovery/ Extra: Yoga at CFCA

Wednesday 6/10

5 x 3 min Rounds  (15 minutes)
Min 1: 40 Double-Unders or Jump Rope Technique Work
Min 2: Max L/Tuck Pull-Ups  >  DHPU’s  >  Ring Rows (NO Bands)
Min 3: Rest


3 x 3 Min AMRAP Run, Row, or Ski 150 Meters (run is to 2nd Telephone pole)
10 Kettlebell Swings (70/44#) MOD to AHASP
10 Kipping toes to bar > V-ups > situps
*Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Notes: On Pt 1. pick what is challenging to your current ability. On Part 2, increase the intensity and MOD stuff back with the intention of moving pretty hard and fast for the 3 min cycle knowing you have 3 mins to recover.

Recovery/ Extra: Come try climbing! Awesome to see our crew of boulderers growing by the week.

Thursday 6/11

A couple benchmarks today!

Notes: Bring headphones and a smile.

6:45pm SPORT NIGHT is on! Stand Up Paddling this week – join us for a paddle & some food after! Details will be posted in the FB group. All abilities welcome, there are boards to rent if you don’t have one – it’s just an all around fun outing. Bring your sig. O or bestie! Looking forward to this – weather betta cooperate!

Friday 6/12

6 x 3 min Rounds (18 Mins)
Min 1: 3-5 Hang Power Cleans (heavy but doable through 5 rounds)
Min 2: 1 Consecutive Set of Spiderman Push-Ups then high plank hold to finish min out if needed.
Min 3: Rest

then 4 x 3 min Rounds:
Run 400 Meters Max Reps KB Headcutters (AHASP)
Rest 2 minutes between each round

Notes: Kip Rickson is killing it lately!

Recovery/Extra Go for a 30-60 min Swim / Row / Ski / Bike / Paddle or 100 TGU’s

Saturday 6/13

Team WOD… Coach’s Choice!

Sunday 6/14

Open Gym  Great time to work on skills you have an interest in but don’t feel like you have the chance to work on during class time…. Or come do some recovery work with an easy 5K row and some light turkish get-ups.

Nutrition Preparation The veggies are growing! Remember CFCA members get a 10% discount on all items at the local Seaview Farm in Rockport (ask us for your card!) Fuel your efforts & extracurricular activities for the week with real food and stay hydrated!

Mental Restoration Engage in activities that help you recharge your batteries or go try something new. Live the life you love… -Bob!

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