Week of 5/26 – 5/31

Great effort on “Murph” today!  We had a good turnout of folks who were ready to put in the work on that notorious grind. Big props to all who PR’ed today especially birthday boy and former Navy Seal Jeff Muise! Thanks to all who took part and thanks to all our veterans for your service. Just a reminder, if you are a CFCA member and on Facebook make sure to request to join our Facebook CFCA-ers group as it is often the mainline of communication for impromptu events or schedule changes. You can find it here… https://www.facebook.com/groups/193049040740400/ Also, the journals will be moved from the upper shelf by the end of the week so if you want to keep the contents of yours grab them!

Tuesday 5/26

6 x 30/30 Work/Rest in Ring Support / Tuck or L Hold


3 mins on, 3 mins off of the following:
Ski for Max Cals
Row for Max Cals
Gimme Gimme for Max Lengths

2 mins on, 2 mins off of the following
Ski for Max Cals
Row for Max  Cals
Gimme Gimme for Max Lengths

1 min on 1 min off of the following
Ski for Max Cals
Row for Max  Cals
Gimme Gimme for Max Lengths

Notes: When it’s your turn… get ‘r done. That’s all there is to say again this week. Keep track of Cals/Lengths and post to chalkboard.

Recovery/ Extra: Yoga at CFCA or go hike the Atlantic Path in Rockport.

Wednesday 5/27

6 x 3 Min Rounds for Quality/ Skill Development

Minute 1: 3-5 Hang Power Cleans (ascending #)
Minute 2: Max Reps of one of the following…

  • DH Pull-up or L Pull-ups (NO Bands)
  • Hard Ring Rows
  • Ring or Bar Muscle-ups
  • Rope Climbs

Min 3. Rest


10 Min AMRAP:
20 Walking Lunges (total)
10 Push-ups
200 M Run
ADV: Goblet Walking Lunge 53/35#

Notes: On Part 1, get some quality reps in. On Part 2 bump up the intensity.

Recovery/ Extra: Come try climbing or lifting class tonight! Or perhaps a easy 5k Row/Ski… a casual 5K every other day does a body good.

Thursday 5/28

4 Rounds
1 Min @ each Station for Max Reps or Hold

  • Sled Push @BW
  • Wall Sit
  • Ring Dips
  • Slosh Pipe Hold
  • Burpee Broad Jump
  • Plank
  • Rest (AKA get the Sled weight ready for you)

Notes:  Grind through maximizing working time and quickly transition to the hold stations.

Recovery/ Extra …… Folks want to grind or play some Dodgeball?

Friday 5/29

5 Rounds for Load, ascending in weight to heavy but doable:

4 Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
1 Shoulder to Overhead


10 min Sandbag Drag 1 lap (down and back) alternating with partner


Farmer carry the flat loop alternating efforts with a Partner

Foundational: Mod with a Single KB (deadlift, high pull, goblet, shoulder to OH)

Recovery/Extra Go for a 30-60 min Swim/ Row / Ski / Bike / Paddle or 100 TGU’s 26/18#

Saturday 5/30

Team WOD… Coach Jill & Chris Style

Sunday 5/31

Open Gym  This is a great time to work on skills you have an interest in but don’t feel like you have the chance to work on during class time. A great format would be 1 min on / 1 min off for 20-30 mins of quality Reps. Skill work should not be rushed when you are trying to dial in technique on say rope climbs for example!

Nutrition Preparation Fuel your efforts & extracurricular activities for the week with real food and stay hydrated – going to be a nice warm week. Welcome summer!

Mental Restoration Engage in activities that help you recharge your batteries. Cooking, crafting, climbing, cruisin’, chillin’…  So many choices, so little time.  Enjoy life in the present.