Week of 4/6 – 4/12

6:45AM-er Rocky on a recent trip to Revelstoke, British Columbia

Monday 4/6

WOD & Foundational

5 min DL Warm up to Starting Weight
3-5 Deadlifts every 3 mins for 12 Mins Ascending

*During each of the 3 min segments also work in 1 set of Seated KB Strict Press.


Three rounds for time of
Run 400 meters
21 KB swings 53/35# (American)
12 Pull-ups (Kips OK)

MOD as Needed.


10 Mins for Quality
Run 200 meters
12 KB swings
6 Pull-ups or Ring Rows

Notes: Get some quality work in on the DL & Presses. Then re-test on Helen from 9/25.

Tuesday 4/7

WOD & Foundational

EMOM for 12 mins  (Even Mins = Right Side, Odd = Left Side)
2 Heavy KB Turkish Get-ups
Ascend in weight if needed


3 Rounds 30/30/30 – Work/ Hold/ Rest
Wallballs/ Brace Squat Hold w Medball / Rest
Burpee Pull-up / Slosh Pipe Hold / Rest
Shuttle Run  / Wallsit / Rest
Barbell Rollout (or sit-up) / Ring Support Tuck or Plank

Notes: Pick a weight for your Turkish Get-up that is challenging for the 2 reps, but sustainable. In Part 2, work as hard as you can for the 30 second Interval then hang in there & keep breathing for the hold.

Wednesday 4/08


EMOM for 15 Mins
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Overhead Squat
1 Hang Squat Snatch

Foundational = 3 Hang Power Snatches


Double Unders

MOD DU’s to Singles (x3) or  NPU Burpees (20/15/10/5/3)

Single Jumprope

12 min Cap

Notes: Skill Development on the Snatches. Keep the weight under 135/95# and take the time to focus on quality movement. Keep the movements clean and quick. Annie Retest from 11/22

Thursday 4/09


With a Partner:
Hill Loop (with sandbag)
30 Lengths Sandbag Drag
40 Sandbag Keg Lifts (per side) 80 Total
50 Ground to OH Sandbag
Hill Loop (with sandbag)

Hill or Flat loop
10 Lengths Sandbag Drag

20 Sandbag Keg Lifts (per side) 40 Total
30 Ground to OH Sandbag
Hill or Flat loop

Notes: Alternate efforts as needed to complete the work load. This is chipper style so you must fully complete one exercise before moving onto the next. Grind through with your partner.

Friday 4/10

WOD & Foundational

Bench Press
10 mins to work up to a 5 Rep Max

10 Mins to work up to a 5 RM Pull-up


Big Boy Hell Track Alternate Efforts with a partner
4th Telephone Pole (and back)
3rd Telephone Pole
2nd Telephone Pole
1st Telephone Pole
2nd Telephone Pole
3rd Telephone Pole
4th Telephone Pole

Non Runners can sub in row… (350,250,150,50,150, 250,350)

Notes: Hopefully the weather will hold for big boy helltrack…it’s been awhile.

Saturday 4/11

Team style – Coach’s Choice

Sunday 4/12

Open Gym – This is a great time to work on skills you have an interest in but don’t feel like you have the chance to work on during class.

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