Week of 3/23 – 3/29

Dan on Saturday’s Drags. 

1. Remember Hockey/ Skating this weekend on Saturday night at Omaley 7-9 PM. We will have A & B team shifts and some open skate time as well. Looking forward to it… Anyone have any old hockey gloves for sale?

2. Pretty sure most are familiar with our new programming stet up over the past few months but if you missed the memo you can check it out here.

Mon-Wed-Fri classes are generally shorter duration, higher intensity workouts with elements of strength/ skill development and general movements that have become a mainstay of Crossfit programming.

Tue-Thur-Sat classes may be a bit longer in workout duration (work capacity/base building) with an emphasis on blending cardiovascular and odd object strength work (KB, Sandbags…etc.)

If you have any questions about what days may work best for your current goals don’t hesitate to email us.  See you this week.

Monday 3/23


6 x 3 Deadlifts (Ascending in Weight)
In between sets do 1 Ring Support, Tuck or L hold to Failure


15 min AMRAP
Single Side KB Complex
1 KB Single Arm Swing
1 KB Swing Clean + Strict Press
1 KB Front Squat
1 KB Snatch

*do 5 cycles (20 reps total) of the above sequence before switching sides… Also do 5 burpee pull-ups before switching sides every time.

ADV: 53/35#

15 min AMRAP

5 KB Single Arm Swing
5 KB Swing Clean + Push Press
5 KB Front Squat
Ski 100 meters

Notes: First 3 sets of deadlifts should be warm-up, the last 3 sets should be heavy taking a few mins to rest plus do the support hold between sets.  

Tuesday 3/24


With a Partner (1 Work/ 1 Holds Sandbag)
1000M Ski or Row (250m Splits)
100 Slamballs
1000M Ski or Row (250m Splits)

100 Plate OH Situps
1000M Ski or Row (250m Splits)
100 Push-ups
1000M Ski or Row (250m Splits)
100 Box Jumps

With a Partner (1 Work/ 1 Rest)

600M Ski or Row (200m Splits)
50 Slamballs
600M Ski or Row (200m Splits)

60 Situps
500M Ski or Row (200m Splits)
60 KB Pushpress
500M Ski or Row (200m Splits)
60 Box Step Ups

Notes: Partners can partition up the work as needed.

Wednesday 3/25


15 Min Handstand Skill Work

  • Wallwalk
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Wall Assist
  • Freestanding with spotter
  • Freestanding to Mat

After a 5 min review, spend 10 mins working on technique and getting comfortable inverted.


15 min Amrap
200 M Run
Max Rep KB Headcutter
ADV: KB 53/35# and above…if your hefty choose hefty.

15 min Amrap

200 M Run/Row/Ski
5 KB Headcutter

Notes: These are touch and go with the headcutters. Keep the reps clean then when you fail hit the run fast.

Thursday 3/26


Ascend from 1 and repeat back to 1 every time you do a new movement. Like ’12 Days of Christmas’ style…

1 Rope Climb
2 Lengths KB Lunge (OH/Farmer)
30 Second Ring Plank
400 M Run, Row, Ski
5 Sandbag Keg Lift
60 Second Wall Sit
7 Tire Flips + Jump Through

30min AMRAP:
1 Tire Flip
2 Walking Lunge (each leg)
3 KB Dead Lift
1 Max Plank Hold
2 Rope Up & Down
300m Run/ Row/ Ski

Notes: Stamina day. Just turn your brain off and move through the workout at a brisk but not frantic pace. 6-7 rate of perceived exertion.

Friday 3/27


15 Min Pistol Skill Work

  • Box Step Up
  • Rig Assisted
  • Pistol to a box
  • Rolling Pistol
  • Pistol (no Box)

then… Obstacle Course

Notes: Go through the pistols progressions 5 reps on each side to where you find a challenge and work on that for the remainder of the 10 mins.. 25 -30 reps per leg.

Saturday 3/28

Coaches Choice

Sunday 3/29

Open Gym – Make up a missed WOD from this week or…
Capacity test:
5 Mins max Pullups
5 Mins Rest
5 Mins Max Ring Dips
5 Mins Rest
5 Mins Double KB Clean& Jerks
5 Mins Rest
5 Min Row for Calories

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