March Member Profile

Name: James Belcher

Nicknames: Belch, Belcher, Robo, Jose’

Occupation outside of being a CFCA champ: Process Manager at Gorton’s Seafood in Gloucester

Hometown: Good Ol’ Glosta, Mass

Favorite workout:
I guess it is “Fight Gone Bad.” Well at least that is the one WOD that sticks out to me as a great one.

Favorite Lifts: Push Press & Back Squat

Which class(s) do you usually attend?
Mon, Wed, Fri at 4:15. But I have been known to throw myself a curveball and show up on different days.

How did you find out about CFCA?
While attending college, I joined in on Crossfit workouts as a Campus Policeman in New Orleans, Louisiana. When our family moved back to Mass my longtime friend (Coach) Chris Dewolfe invited me. It took a while, but I finally bit the bullet and came during Buddy Week.

Did you play sports back in the day?
Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers? I played soccer and ran track in High school. I played a lot of other sports with friends for fun. Whether it was shooting hoops, playing pond hockey, or any other kind of ball I always stayed active as a kid. And still do!

How has CFCA changed your life outside of the gym?
Besides looking cool and feeling good I am able to play any sport or perform any activity better now than I could before. I have also met some great people along the way who I enjoy socializing with and just getting out there and doing stuff with.

What and/or who motivates/inspires you?
I will have to give this one to my wife, Stef. She is a great motivator and kicks my a** when I get in a funk. Whenever I say or think that I cannot do something, she is always there to push me forward, and always has more faith in me than any other person that I know. And you know what? When I give it my 100%, most of the time I succeed.

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve with the gains made through CFCA?
A group of us are competing in the Tough Mudder this summer. I think that between my WOD’s at Crossfit and my other training/activities outside of the gym this should be a great time. I have accomplished a lot since I started Crossfit, from Pistols to Muscle-ups. One of my goals is to be able to string enough Double Unders together to minimize the amount of “no push up Burpees” that I need to do in a WOD. I guess that another goal of mine is to get up on one of the leader boards someday. I almost have joined the Cookies Club a few times and probably eventually will.

What are your hobbies outside of the gym?
I have many hobbies and interests. I fish, beach, hike, camp, run, kayak, paddleboard, mountain bike, skateboard, and snowboard. I want to pick up surfing this spring/summer.

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?
I guess that my favorite aspect is the team atmosphere. I love the sense of togetherness. At times I like the competition aspect part of it, but it is not really about that. I do not get upset when another CFCA’er beats me. I congratulate him or her and celebrate the victory. It only makes me want to work harder the next time.

Any tips for the new members?
We have all been a Newbie. Do not feel as if you do not matter. Take it one day at a time and learn some cool sh** along the way. If you do not understand or need clarification with something do not hesitate to ask. We are all still learning, getting better, and stronger. Keep trying new things even if you feel that you need to modify something. Make goals for yourself and strive to reach them. If you fail at something, keep trying. Do not sell yourself short. Enjoy CFCA….for it may just change your life!

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