Week of 3/9 – 3/15

Congrats to Kevin Phoenix who summitted Mt. Washington Sunday. Send us pics of you exploring rad shit outside the gym…that’s the CFCA way!

Monday 3/9

WOD & Foundational

Back Squat  6 x 3 (ascending)

During the rest period do a set of Max Reps of  Push-ups (Handstand, Ring, Standard Push-up, MOD)  Should be under 10 reps to Failure whatever you choose


5 Rounds – Every 3 Mins complete….
200 meter Run, Row or Ski
1 Rope Climb or Rope UP/Down

Tuesday 3/10


Burpee pull-ups
2 Big Lap Farmer carry (AHASP)
25 min Cap

*MOD to standard burpees if segmenting the burpee and pullup

25 Min Amrap for Quality
5 Burpees
5 Ring Rows
5 Cal Ski
1 Lap Farmer Carry (Challenging)

Wednesday 3/11


20 Mins Hang  Snatch Practice
Start with the bar and work up to a 1RM Hang Squat Snatch

Newbies work on Hang Power Snatches primarily with coaches help


Amrap 12
10 Hang Power Snatch
40 Double Unders
Prioritize clean conscious movement rather than “grip and rip” on the HPS

Amrap 12

10 Ground to Overhead sandbags
10 Cal Row or Ski

Thursday 3/12

WOD & Foundational

Teams of 3….4 Rounds or 30 Mins
P1: Max Sandbag Drag

P2: 400 M Run
P3: Rest or ADV:Ring Plank

Alternate efforts… runner is “pacer”.  Score is Total lengths Sandbag drag

Friday 3/13


10 mins  to Work up to a Heavy Set of 3 Deadlifts

10 mins  to Work up to a Heavy Set of 3 Bench Press

10 Min 30/60 Shuttle Sprint, Row or Ski your choice…

Saturday 3/14


Sunday 3/15

Suggested Open Gym WOD

18 Mins for Quality Reps 30 Seconds On/ 30 Seconds off of…..

  • 1 Weightlifting Weakness
  • 1 Gymnastic Weakness
  • 1 Conditioning Weakness

Or 5K Row Test.

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