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Sometimes we forget about some of the amazing transformations some of our folks have made. You change ALOT with long term consistency and paying attention to nutrition. Chris T. here did just that.

Burpee Basketball

Hang Clean Review

5 Rounds
3 Jump Shrug
3 High Pull
3 Hang Power Clean
*can ascend in weight as desired

6 Rounds NFT (18 Min Cap)
3 Hang Power Cleans (# ascending each round)
3 Weighted Pull-ups >DH> Banded
ADV: Hang Squat Clean & Muscle-ups


Ground to Overhead 
Burpee Pull-ups

RX = 115/75# or 53#/35# KB’s x2

8-1 (15 Min Cap)
KB Headcutter (AHASP)
Pull-up or Ring Row

7 Min Easy Row or Ski and Stretch

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