**********First Class @ 8:30AM

3 Rounds or 10 Mins
Bear Crawl Down to 7 HeadCutters
Sampson>Spidey Back to Burpees


8 Quality Rounds or 40 mins

1 Sled Push @75% BW
2 Heavy Gimme Lengths
3 Muscle-ups or 3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups/3 Ring Dips
FDN MOD: 1 PU Negative/ 1 Ring Support Hold

Rest Approx  1 Minute then

300m Ski or Row as fast as possible (alternate machine each round)

Rest Approx 1 Minute then back to top of the order

1 Length Sampson>Spidey

1 Length Inchworm>up dog

Notes: Make sure elements in section 1 are challenging for your current ability and prioritize quality over speed.  Then transition and go for broke on the row/ski.

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